A bad start to the day

Today got off to a very bad start. OH broke out in a sweat early this morning and was feeling very odd and nauseus. I took his temperature and it was above normal. Not happy I called our GP’s surgery and spoke to the sister who advised I give him a Disprin to bring the fever down which I did. A little later the sister called back to say that she had spoken to our GP and he wanted OH brought in immediately. When we got there his BP was 195/90. They did an ECG and it was a bit suspect. The GP contacted OH’s cardiologist who said he needed to be admitted to ICU right away.

At that point he had another episode of fever and chest tightness and went quite yellow. They gave him something under his tongue to dilate the arteries and he was wheeled across to the hospital.

Once in ICU his BP dropped to 93/60 as a result of the medication he had just received. He was very listless. They quickly got him connected up to all the monitors and the cardiologist came in to see him. He suspects a clot must have partially obstructed an artery and OH will probably need further treatment. We should know tomorrow what that will be.


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