What a weekend

We learnt on Friday afternoon that the blood tests confirmed that OH had had a heart attack that morning. Thank heavens we live near to our doctor’s rooms and the hospital and got him there quickly.

He was kept in ICU till Sunday noon when his cardiologist discharged him so he could get some sleep at home. The staff in the unit are excellent but the noise level is something else. They had a death in the unit just after 1.00 am on Sunday morning and as it was a Moslem person all the rites had to be carried out right there and it was 8.00 am before they left with the body. Quite traumatic for the other very sick patients who did not get any sleep after 1.00 am.

Tomorrow OH goes back for an angiogram and stents and will have to stay in ICU overnight and maybe even another night depending on his condition.

This has been a huge wake-up call for us. OH is not overweight and has been on medication for blood pressure and cholesterol for some years now so we believed that everything was under control. However his stress levels at work are very high and the demands from top management are often unreasonable. Somehow he manages to achieve the impossible time after time and so gets to handle the most difficult projects. He is due to retire at the end of this year but his boss wants him to stay on. They don’t think of him as nearly 65 because he does not look more than 55 and runs up and down the stairs like a youngster. We will have to think very carefully before any decision is made to stay on after the end of the year.


6 thoughts on “What a weekend

  1. I hope that not only he takes due warning, but that his bosses do, too. They need to consider the fact that if they don’t settle for less of his output, they are risking having none at all!

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