Rant for the Day

Right now I am totally disenchanted with family

BIL & SIL are so full of it

Somehow poor OH always gets a rough ride

It would suit me never to have to see them again

That’s a sad thing to say

But I am so done with dealing with Drama Queens

And people who have no consideration for other people’s feelings

And no integrity

Life is just far too short for all that crap

And OH does not need it while recovering from a heart attack

Aanyway that’s my rant for today


7 thoughts on “Rant for the Day

  1. oh my GOODNESS optie, I never knew your husband suffered a heart attack! I’m so sorry!! Agree with you regarding petty crap (as we can see on my latest post) for me, my SIL is also too much right now, so selfish in the midst of all this.

  2. Glad you could get it off your chest!
    Family can actually be the cause of a lot of strife and I agree that unless they are making a positive contribution to your home life, they would be better located somewhere else.
    Hope OH gets the rest he needs for total recovery.

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