Playing detective

Well I’ve been here in the UK since Friday and so far have had no luck in my locating my daughter. I did get a lead last evening which suggests that she is still in the general area so I am going out again today to walk the villages and speak to people.

Last evening the son of the folk I am staying with drove me back to her previous address where on SaturdayI had found no one at home and also no neighbours at home. This time the new tenant was home but she had moved into a house that had been empty for a month and had never met my daughter. The next door neighbour however invited us in and said that he had helped to pack a van a couple of times when she moved and she was still in the village. They gave us the name of the street where they thought she had moved to and we walked up and down knocking on doors and asking people but with no luck.

I cannot believe how friendly the people were, Not sure that South Africans would be that helpful to strangers knocking on their doors after dark.

The good news is that my son and DIL are on board and helping as much as they can but my daughter has not responded to any contact from them or from OH;s sister who she was very close to.

All very strange indeed. It warmed my heart though when I spoke to my son on the phone and he warned me that she might refuse to see me and said I should remember that I have family at home who love me very much, he’s not one for soppy stuff generally.

I need a miracle today so those of you who pray please remember me.


3 thoughts on “Playing detective

  1. How wonderful that folk are so helpful over there, optout. Bless your son for giving you that boost you need. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and prayers. Hugs xx

  2. holding thumbs, toes, ears etc that all goes well. Have you tried contacting a local welfare office? If your daughter has a child she could well be claiming benefits, they might be able to help, or give you some pointers.
    stay strong, thinking of you šŸ™‚

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