A Sad Day

Yesterday I drove back to the village where I was sure my daughter is still stayiing and went to the letting agents who handled the house she stayed in previously. They were kind but could not tell me where she is now because of data protection laws, they said all they could do is to call her and ask her to contact me.

I left their office in tears and went back to the car and had a good cry. Then I called OH and he suggested that I find the local police station and see if I can get any help or advice there.

A very nice community police officer took me to the back office and I told him the story and he confirmed that if she does not want contact with me he cannot divulge her address. However he did offer to track her down and talk to her. He called back last evening but for some reason my phone did not ring and I picked up a missed call and voice mail. He said that he visited her and spent about 15 minutes with her and that she does not want any further contact with us.  He left his mobile no. but I have not been able to reach him again as it goes straight to voicemail.  There are so many questions I would like to ask him. No one can believe that she is being so heartless. I am emotionally drained today and just chilling at the home of family who have also gone out of their way to try and help.  Through their contacts I think I might have my daughter’s address but really want to speak to the policeman before I go through there and knock on the door.

It just seems like her personality has changed completely and I am beyond worried about her mental and emotional stability. I have also learned that her partner has a child from a previous relationship that may be living with them so not only has she gone from never wanting to have children she now has a baby and a step child.

And in other sad news a friend who lives in the area where we have a holiday house has just had a stroke and is being flown to Cape Town by helicopter with his wife. OH has been asked to look after his wife as we live near the hospital he is being transferred to. He will be in the same ICU ward that Oh was in just 5 weeks ago. Apparently he is critical and I just feel now that I could be of more use at home than here in the UK where my daughter won’t even see me.



3 thoughts on “A Sad Day

  1. Oh optie, I feel so heart sore for you. I can only imagine how very hurt and rejected you are feeling, not to mention worried sick for your daughter. How very kind and helpful the people you’ve had helping you, are. I hope you manage to speak to that policeman to get a bit more clarification on what your daughter actually said to him. You may remember that I told you about my sister’s daughter who has treated her the same way. It is now over 3 years since she has seen her or spoken to her. In the meantime, she has married the boyfriend and had another baby. My sister and BiL have now had to accept the situation and move on. It’s just so sad that family ties can be broken by pride and obstinacy. I’m still hoping that things may come right for you. Best wishes to your sick friend and his wife. Hugs xxx

  2. I am so sorry to hear this news, but I really hope you manage to speak to the Police Officer that helped you. Maybe you will get some more insight there.

    be strong 🙂

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