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I have been home for over a week now and I am still feeling ill. On Monday morning I woke up with a sore throat once again and sneezed and sniffed all day. On Tuesday I had back-to-back meetings and arrived back home absolutely exhausted. I had intended to do some shopping yesterday but after showering and blow drying my hair my get up and go just got up and f*cked off. I was nauseas and suffering with severe tummy cramps and a headache so OH went to do the shopping, bless him. So I spent the day in bed, mostly reading, son and DIL popped around in the afternoon for a short visit and then it was back to bed again and I just could not keep my eyes open.Having said that I had a really bad night with lots of coughing and today my stomach is still very uncomfortable and I just cannot shake the doff headache. I just can’t wait to feel really healthy again!

OH and I have had more time to talk now that my voice is back, before I was just listening to all that had gone on in my absence without being able to share too much myself. We are both appalled at the attitude displayed by OH’s brother, sister and SIL. It seems that they think we should just accept their duplicitous behaviour and disregard for our feelings. When OH met with his sister she would not accept anything that he said about what had gone on even though she was not present. You just cannot reason with that mindset.

In addition they met in a local coffee shop and she was so rude to the staff. When the waiter came to ask if they would like anything else (it was fast approaching closing time) she snapped at him and said “can’t you see we’re talking”. Because they did not make provision on the bill for a tip she made a big scene about it and stated “no mention of gratuity on the bill – no tip”. OH was so embarrassed as the owner of the coffee shop is a lovely lady who well known to us. Now this sister has never had children and recently lost her husband after years of addiction problems. She has just fallen out with a long time friend of hers because she sided with the friend’s daughter against her mother and told OH that she could not understand why H was so angry with her. He just said “think about it – it’s not that different to our situation is it?”

I know that we are family and should stick together but with this lot you just never know when something is going to blow up in your face – you cannot rely on their support or predict their behaviour. Any relationship is on a strictly superficial level – they are all about as shallow as a puddle in the middle of the Kalahari.

Our deceased friend’s family are slowing picking up the pieces of their lives and continuing with their business in spite of the huge hole in their lives. We hope to be able to go and see them soon.

Ta ra for now.


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  1. I would hope that OH comes to realise that a stage can be reached where family ties are not enough to override the effects of certain behaviour. By their own choice they are no longer worth associating with.

  2. Oh dear….the dreaded family thing…long ago I came to the conclusion that even family can be complete idiots….I just don’t bother with ANYONE who isn’t worth it…family or not.

    • If it were up to me Col I would have nothing to do with them at all, however for all their flaws they are OH’s family and it has to be his decision to see or not see them. It does not help that BIL and SIL are slowly pickling their brains in alcohol so expecting rational behaviour from them is unrealistic.

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