Keeping up – just

Another week/weekend has flown by, the year is hurtling towards it’s end at an alarming pace, can’t believe that Easter has already come and gone.

I’ve not done much blogging lately, but I have tried to keep up with the blogs that I follow. Can’t help feeling a bit unsettled of late but I can’t put my finger on what is causing it.  I am finding it very difficult to get down and do what has to be done – even this blog post is a form of procrastination.

I was distressed and angered to learn that another two horses died in the running of the Grand National at Aintree on Saturday. To me it is unacceptable to put animals at risk for the sake of human pleasure pursuits and financial gain. The poor horses don’t get to choose to run whereas the jockeys and everyone else involved does.

I have just received further distressing news – my friend and hairdresser had an aneurysm last week and ended up in ICU and will be seeing a neuro surgeon this week. She is so young to have this happen but has been through tremendous stress over the past year.

My ISP has still not resolved my hosting / access issues and my confidence that someone will actually know how to fix the problem is rapidly eroding. Every time I deal with a different person who fixes one thing and breaks another.

On a happier note we have seen a number of good movies lately, top of the list is “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” – wonderful character actors, brilliant script and stunning screenplay. We also saw “The Descendents” which we enjoyed and “Material”, the best South African movie I have ever seen, “Safe House” and “Iron Lady”.

I have also successfully made my own biltong, first batch went down a treat, second batch currently drying. Now experimenting with different flavourings.

Last evening I was inspired by the ingredients in the fridge to make a Broccolli and Blue Cheese soup which turned out so well it will be repeated for our next dinner party.

The status quo remains on the issue of family matters. I guess in our case no news is good news.

Wishing all you bloggers a good week.


2 thoughts on “Keeping up – just

  1. Impressive set of movies, none of which I have seen yet. I agree about the Grand National. I like steeplechasing and eventing, but not where it risks life and limb of the horse. The rider doesn’t matter. Own choice.

  2. We also enjoyed “The Iron Lady.” Meryl Streep was phenomenal as always. I watched “The Descendants ” on the plane and didn’t really enjoy, but it helped to pass the time. That’s terrible about the horses. It’s such a gruelling race for them. Recipe please for the soup. It sounds delicious. 😉 xxx

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