Roll on long weekend

This long weekend cannot come quickly enough for me. It was January when we were last at our holiday house and I just cannot wait to get back. We have friends joining us with their teenage daughter who is also bringing a friend. They are also bringing their little dog so Ozzy will have a friend to play with. I am sure the two dogs will get on well enough as Ozzy is quite the gentleman when another dog does not want to play and he has shown no territorial aggressiveness over the property with the exception of letting passersby know that he is on guard. Visitors, on the other hand are welcomed with huge dollops of affection so he will be in heaven.

Workwise this past week has been extremely frustrating. I am part of a committee that was asked to assist in the organisation of a congress in Cape Town but all our suggestions, recommendations and cautions have been ignored by the national body. It is looking to be a train smash. There is also an outside conference organiser who is I am sure getting kickbacks and not negotiating the best possible deals which means that the delegates are having to pay more than is really necessary to attend. In addition they have been extremely tardy in putting together the promotional material so potential delegates are receiving very late notice of this event. I am not hopeful that we will see a big turnout and although most of the decisions have been taken out of our hands it will still reflect badly on us if it does not go well.

It seems that since I returned from the UK with dreadful flu and an ear infection my ear has not recovered and my hearing is much worse than usual. I saw the doctor on Monday and am now on a short course of steroids and nasal sprays to try and sort the problem out. If it does not respond to this treatment the next step, would you believe is grommets – at my advanced age!

Just two more sleeps and then I can relax, read, chat with friends and enjoy a glass or two of wine.


3 thoughts on “Roll on long weekend

  1. It sounds as though you’ll be glad to see the back of this week, optie.Enjoy the lovely weekend visit. It sounds as though Ozzy is sure to. 😉 Sorry about your ear problems. My two smallest grandchildren have just had grommets and it’s made a huge difference to them. The one year old is now sleeping through the night, and the three-year-old girl is now enjoying being potty trained. Hope you have similar benefits. ;))) xxx

    • LOL I’ve been potty trained for decades but sleeping through the night is often harder to achieve. Spent an hour and a half reading from 2.30 to 4.00 am this morning and now the wheels are starting to come off.!

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