This and That

Hello Bloggers

As always I am in catch up mode. I have read some of your blogs but not had the time to comment, please forgive me for that. Work has been very busy and will remain so until after the end of this month.

However we did have a stunning extended long weekend at our holiday home. The weather was perfect, while it was raining back in Cape Town we had lovely mild temperatures of 22/23 degrees, not too hot or too cold. Even the evenings were mild enough to sit outside on the verandah with a nightcap or two. We had some friends join us and they brought along their little Jack Russell, Lulu. Ozzy and Lulu got on very well and even shared a mattress for a while. It is so rewarding to see what a gentleman Ozzy is with other dogs, never rough or aggressive even when Lulu took a close peek in his food bowl while he was eating.

Speaking of eating it felt like that was all we did, one meal sort of morphed into the next, that happens so easily when you are relaxed.

Back home reality awaited with lots of work plus housework to catch up on. I did four and a half hours of ironing on Sunday morning inbetween supervising our gardener and making his tea/lunch etc.


Overheard in a store on Saturday morning:

Shop assistant to large Afrikaans “gentleman”: Sir can I help you, what are you looking for?

Afrikaans “gentleman”: Don’t bloody nag me – you’re not my wife!

Obviously he was not having a good day and had probably been dragged out shopping under duress!


Just read on News 24 that a speeding driver killed 7 Impala in Kruger, that’s just unforgivable! Take his license away for good.


Take care all and have a good week.


4 thoughts on “This and That

  1. That sounds like a weekend you were so in need of, optie. Ozzy must have loved the female company. 😉
    That Afrikaans shopper was either truly hen-pecked, or he was really irritable about something. I suppose the assistant couldn’t really give him lip back. 😉

    • Ozzy was in heaven, just wish I could have captured the look on his face when Lulu lay down on his mattress behind him – it was a look of total disbelief coupled with calm acceptance – too precious for words.

  2. Seems like a good break, and for Ozzy as well!
    The assistant must have been tempted to respond, ‘Dank die hemel!’
    That driver should be fed to the hyenas. Or vultures. Not suitable food for lion or leopard.

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