Please Help

Hello Bloggers

I’ve been around WordPress for some time now but there are certain things that I still have not got figured out. Maybe some of your more experienced bloggers can offer some advice on the following.

  1. How do I set up a Blogroll? I just cannot work it out.
  2. How do I ensure that my Gravatar appears instead of just a green icon?
  3. How do I change font size – is this possible?

Looking forward to your input and assistance

Edited to add that I managed to sort my Gravatar out but still need assistance with points 1 and 3.


4 thoughts on “Please Help

  1. Hi,
    Did you manage to resolve your problems? I can help if not. However, I am going away for a week to see Mum and grandchild. but can help when I return.
    Send me an email week thursday. (Email is on the sidebar of my blog). I struggled for so many hurs with different things so am always willing to help others with the meagre knowledge I’ve painfully acquired 🙂

  2. sadly I can’t help you, but I think Sarchasm will be able to, he’s really good at this stuff. Love your barge picture in your header. Reminds me of my home town in England and the barges we would pass as we strolled up the canal to the pub 🙂

  3. I haven’t bothered with a Blogroll, leaving it to Followers and emails, but on the font size my method is to prepare in Word, using the fonts I want, and then import that. If one want to change them, the best way is to do it in Word again and re-import the changed version to your Edit page.

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