The Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations

Has anyone else followed the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations this past weekend? I must admit to being glued to my television and am now exhibiting symptoms of withdrawal.

The Thames River Pageant was fabulous, such a pity about the weather but at the same time it really showed the British spirit in all its splendour. That people were prepared to stand for hours in such foul weather just for a glimpse of the queen (okay the boats were also spectacular) says much about how much she is loved and admired.

The BBC really blew their coverage of the pageant with lots of inane commentary and not enough focus on the procession and even Sky TV were let down by Kay Burley who really should not be allowed to open her mouth unless she has a script in front of her. I would have loved to have had more background to the historic boats and all the commonwealth participants.

At 86 the Queen has amazing stamina, standing all through the pageant which of course meant that everyone on the royal barge with her had to stand too. Pity about Prince Phillip ending up in hospital but at 90 he did well too and even managed a jig at the end when the navy band played a sea shanty.

The concert on Monday evening was brilliant; by far my favourites were Tom Jones and Paul McCartney. I think that Elton John is getting a bit lazy with his singing but his piano playing is still fantastic. Robbie Williams acted like he was on speed or something but every other performer was good, the mix of pop, opera, comedy, classic rock and choirs was just right – hats off to Gary Barlow for a job very well done.  The lighting effects especially the Union Jack waving on the palace was wonderful and the fireworks were stunning.

I also watched the Thanksgiving Service at St. Paul’s and the balcony appearance and flypast later in the afternoon on Tuesday. It was incredible to see all the people in the mall, 1.5 million in total.

I really admire the Queen for her dedication to the role she inherited and her unwavering service to the people of the UK and the Commonwealth. Compared to our South African politics I think it a great thing to have an apolitical head of state to unify the nation. She has no real power but a lot of influence and has used it wisely over the years.

It is good to see that Charles has mellowed somewhat and with William and Kate waiting in the wings I doubt the Royal Family’s fame will fade anytime soon.

You just could not put a value on what the Jubilee Celebrations have done for Brand UK.


15 thoughts on “The Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations

  1. I watched all the Thames pageant and the concert, and only caught snippets of the rest. I’ve also been watching some documentaries made for the Jubilee and they were brilliant.
    don’t you think Cliff is past his sell by date now? He was cringe-worthy to me and that suit, looked as if it was once white and got mixed in with some pink stuff! 🙂 Loved every minute of it 🙂

  2. I watched whenever I could – missed most of the concert, but did get the best bits of river, St Pauls and balcony!
    The Queen has more ACTUAL power than most people realise. It makes good sense to play it down, and they do. That is one of the reasons, though, why when she gives advice to Prime Minsisters which they don’t particularly like, they tend to act on it anyway.

  3. No, I haven’t been following, except on the blogs. I’ve been too busy doing other things. 😉 I do admire he Majesty very much indeed. She’ll be a hard act to follow.

    • I agree, thankfully Charles seems more up for the role nowadays. I’d like William and Kate to have a chance to raise a family and live an almost normal life before accending the throne.

  4. I watched under penalty of TV remote withdrawal if I didn’t. I managed to doze through most of it without giving the game away. I just hope I don’t get quizzed beyond what I can answer vaguely 🙂

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