Mountains, sea, boats and seals

Sunday in Cape Town was lovely and sunny so we decided to get out and enjoy the warmth of the sun. We headed off to Hout Bay and drove a little way up Chapman’s Peak Drive. The view of the Sentinel across the bay was stunning.



Looking across the bay, Hout Bay is at it’s best in winter.



Then on to the harbour where we had lunch at Fish on the Rocks. We had a Groupon voucher for a seafood platter for two and what a feast it was. I don’t eat calamari or prawns so OH pigged out on that while I enjoyed the hake and chips. He could not even finish the dozen prawns and took some home for supper.

Walking through the harbour afterwards we enjoyed watching men repairing old wooden fishing boats in the traditional way and then around the other side of the harbour came across the young lad with a huge apparently tame seal. The boy was feeding the seal and gently stroking it and the seal appeared to quite enjoy his affections.


Seals can be quite agressive but this young boy was very calm and gentle and the seal seemed quite relaxed.


The seal even seemed to enjoy a massage …


A snoek boat came in with quite a haul and the seagulls went crazy, swooping all around. If one was afraid of birds this would have been a nightmare come true.


At R60 a snoek it was tempting but there are only two of us in the house:


Another local was entertaining the visitors by feeding two seals in the water with scraps of fish. He would put the fish in his mouth and lean over the edge of the quay and the seals would shoot up out of the water to take the fish from his mouth.


Gaily painted fishing boats in the afternoon sun


Altogether an interesting day out as a “tourist” in Cape Town.


6 thoughts on “Mountains, sea, boats and seals

    • I am sure there are some who would object to people interacting with the seals and especially feeding them, but it does make for an interesting visitor attraction.

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