Ozzy has a sulk

So last evening OH and I decided to pop down to our local Spur for a change. I just had that craving for Spur flavours and suitably sated we returned home early about 7 pm to watch some TV. We decided against lighting a fire as we wanted an early night.

Well to say that Ozzy was miffed would be an understatement. After many trips to the hearth with meaningful looks thrown over his shoulder he just would not settle. OH thought that if he settled in his bed (next to the unlit fire) but wrapped in his blankie it might just do the trick. But Ozzy had other ideas, he would not lie down. So OH wrapped the blankie around him and Ozzy SAT in his bed facing the WALL for about ten minutes. Then with the blanket still over his back like a horse blanket he left his bed and stalked into my office where he lay down on the carpet making it quite clear that he did not wish to share the same room as us heartless humans who would not light a fire for his comfort.

I am pleased to report that today all is forgiven and he is back to his old loving self.


7 thoughts on “Ozzy has a sulk

  1. Poor old Ozzy. Sounds very much like my Travis, just does not like things to be different. πŸ™‚
    haven’t been to the Spur for yonks, hope it was good.

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