Vintage Cars, Wine tasting, Mountains and Milo


We had a wonderful weekend, and knowing that we will be  housebound for the next three to four weeks as OH recovers from  his op tomorrow made it all the better.

On Friday evening we enjoyed the “7 Wonders” at the Barnyard Theatre and caught up on family news with my cousin and her husband who farm in the Porterville area but came in for the show.

On Saturday morning we had to take Milo back to DARG for his follow-up inoculation and the staff were delighted to see how he had grown and progressed. He took his injection without complaint and then we stopped at a local cafe in Hout Bay for cappuccinos and scones. This is a dog friendly place and the owner was quite happy that Milo slept on the cushioned seat next to us while we enjoyed the excellent scones.

Back home we took Ozzy and Milo out onto the field in front of our house and Ozzy did his usual manic galloping up and down the field, he really enjoys stretching his legs and it is a delight to see him move like that. We kept Milo on the lead and then put Ozzy on his lead too and walked both dogs across the field. At first Milo resisted the lead but quickly caught on and followed his big brother Ozzy.

With both dogs well exercised we settled down to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics that we had recorded the night before. We were interrupted by our son who above all things wanted to borrow my sewing machine and his Dad’s jigsaw for a project he and his wife are busy with. So for a change I had to teach him how to do something, i.e. use the sewing machine, including threading, refilling the bobbin etc. instead of him teaching me computer stuff. He caught on very quickly and after he left we resumed watching the opening ceremony. It must have been divided into two halves because we did not get the end of it which was disappointing but nevertheless the beginning was fabulous and very well done.

Sunday morning we were up early and off to Franschoek for a visit to the Motor Museum at L’Ormarins. This was a “Daddy’s Deal” that I had bought for OH as a Father’s Day present and it included wine tasting and a platter as well as a ride in an old car. The weather could not have been better, brilliant sunshine and about 25 degrees. We had to take Milo with us because he is still having three meals per day and they were very accommodating about that. The vehicles themselves are magnificent, it is an awesome collection, all in beautiful condition and OH really enjoyed looking at them.

A beautiful old Mercedes Benz

There’s that Merc again!

The mountain views were stunning against the clear blue skies

See how I’ve grown – Milo enjoying the sunshine and green grass

This lot alone are probably worth over R100 million Rand!

We then found a table in the shade on the terrace and were presented with our “Ploughman’s Platter”. It was HUGE!  Lots of different delicious cheeses, whole-wheat and white bread, cold meats, olives, gherkins, figs and a mustard mayo as well as lovely little lavender shortbread biscuits. We did our best but there was no way we could finish it. The wine tasting was extensive, I lost count of how many different wines we tasted, they just kept coming and we did find two that we really liked so we bought some to bring home.

While we were eating Milo had his lunch and then curled up in his bed which we had taken along. He was so good and made lots of new friends with people especially children who just can’t resist a puppy!

After coffee we were ready for our car ride in a 1948 Hudson. I opted to sit in the back so that OH could have the front passenger seat. OMG it was a two door vehicle and getting in the back was not easy, there was hardly any legroom. Getting out was even more difficult and I wished our driver had not pulled up right in front of the entrance to the complex because my exit was definitely not ladylike or dignified.

The Hudson and our driver

We put Milo in his bed on the back seat of the car and took a drive through the bustling town of Franschoek. There is so much to see there it is definitely worth a day trip of its own. Back in Cape Town we popped in to friends of ours to introduce Milo to them and their Jack Russell and it was not long before Milo and Lulu were romping around the garden having a great time together. This was good to see because they often join us at our holiday home and it’s great if the dogs all get on because then they all get to have a holiday too.

Tomorrow OH has to be at the hospital at 6.00 am so it will be an early start for us. He has to stay in hospital for two nights and will be on strict bed rest for at least two weeks. If I don’t find time to blog much I am sure you will realise why. My hands are going to be full with nursing him, taking care of Milo and trying to get some work done too.


It’s the Weekend!

Well it’s Friday again and we have made it through the week without any major mishaps. The best news is that we once again have some domestic help. An old domestic worker has come back to work once a week on Fridays and we are delighted to have her back. She is a good worker and it will be a real blessing to me especially with OH laid up for 4 weeks after his feet ops.

This morning I had a hair appointment and as the lady I go to works from home I took Milo with me so that our domestic worker could get a move on without Milo chasing her heels around the house. Milo was as good as gold and slept most of the time in his bed which I took with. Needless to say my hairdresser has now offered to dog sit should I ever need it – she is smitten with the little fellow.

This evening we are going to a show at the Barnyard with my cousin and her husband and tomorrow morning we have to take Milo back to DARG for more inoculations. On Sunday we are going to the Motor Museum at L’Ormarins in Franschoek with wine tasting thrown in.  This was a Father’s Day present for OH and he is looking forward to seeing all the vintage cars. Milo will have to go with us as he is still on 3 meals per day and I hope that won’t be a problem.

OH has to be at the hospital at 6.00 am on Tuesday and will have to stay over for two nights. I just hope that I hear Milo when he wakes up in the night and needs to go out because my hearing is not good and it’s even worse when I am horizontal.

Health wise that will have to be the next thing I tackle after OH has recovered, my left ear makes popping/clicking noises and sometimes I get a strange dizzy sensation in my head especially if I am bending over. Sometimes it is severe enough for me to lose my balance momentarily.

Wishing you all a great weekend

Milo’s 1st week

What a week it’s been in our household. Milo’s arrival last Saturday certainly has us on our toes as far as toilet training is concerned but I am happy to report that he is learning fast and when he does have an accident it tends to be at an outside door so he is obviously trying to get outside. Being winter we can’t leave doors open and he is too little to leave outside on his own as we have a pond out front and a swimming pool out back.

Yesterday he fell into the pond, I was watching him and I think he thought that the pond weed was grass and tried to walk on it. Fortunately it was the very shallow end and he only got his feet and belly wet and after a rub dry with a warm towel it was all forgotten.

Look how “dikbek” poor Ozzy is about the intruder in his bed!

We had a family lunch yesterday at my DIL’s mothers’ place and had to take Milo with. He was very, very good, no accidents in the house, slept while we were eating and drew lots of ooh’s and aww’s from all present. His only wrong move was towards the cat’s food bowl for which he got swatted upside the head by an otherwise very passive cat.

On Sunday morning he woke up at 6.15 am and I took him outside for wees and poos and then tucked him up in bed with me and we all slept in till 8.30 am – it was marvellous.  This morning he woke up at 5.20 am so I took him out, he did his wees and poos and I took him back to bed with me but the little bugger thought it was playtime and just would not settle. Fortunately OH came to the rescue and took him to the family room so I could sleep a bit longer.  I will only have this opportunity for another week as next Monday OH is having surgery on both his feet and will be bedridden for two weeks and hobbling around on crutches for another two. I will have my work cut out for me, looking after OH, Milo and trying to do my work.

Ozzy has been so patient with the little ankle snapper who has now started jumping up and latching onto Ozzy’s jowls. From being concerned that Ozzy might hurt Milo accidentally I am now more concerned that Milo will hurt Ozzy as he is nipping him very close to his eyes and we have started to stop that kind of play when it gets too rough.  Ozzy has discovered that a gentle nudge with his flat nose can roll Milo over very easily and that is how he exerts some control over their games. It really is very sweet to see how much he is prepared to put up. Milo has also taken a fancy to Ozzy’s bed and loves to romp and roll around in his blankets with Ozzy just looking on patiently.

Milo really is a delightful little fellow, full of character and self confidence and I am sure he is going to grow into a great dog. When I think about the life he might have had had he not been rescued and taken to DARG it sends shivers down my spine.

Milo & Me

Hello Blog friends Ozzy here.

Well did I get a surprise on Saturday afternoon. My humans came home with a green squeaky toy for me. I was overjoyed and immediately pounced on it and it squeaked even louder, what fun. But the fun did not last because Mom and Dad kept telling me to be gentle to my new little brother ….

Turns out this green thing can change colours cos Mom took the green thing off and underneath was this little white dog. It seems it’s a he and his tail was wagging so he must be puppy cos he’s really, really, very, very small.

His name is Milo. He is my little brother and I love him already!  Mom says I have to be the big brother and teach Milo good manners like mine (puffs chest out proudly).Image

On Sunday Milo found his voice, and my bed. The cheeky little fellow actually barks at me, I ask you! And he bites my feet and legs which has me dancing around in circles trying not to step on the little bugger. It’s all a bit undignified for a fellow like me but I suppose humans also act and talk funny when they are around babies or puppies for that matter!

Now I suppose I could share my bed, but Milo has his own bed which Dad fetched from the storeroom. They said that when I was a small puppy I slept in it too, hard for me to believe I was every THAT small!  And then Milo likes to lie in the MIDDLE of my bed which makes things very difficult for a gentleman like me.


Today he took over my other spot under Mom’s desk where I have a nice comfy mattress next to the heater. Again he lay IN THE MIDDLE! Mom said I must go and lie down too but WHERE I ask you! And he shredded a tissue there, I mean one really cannot expect me to lie in that mess!


Now I don’t know if this is true or not but I heard Dad say something to Mom about being scared she would roll over on Milo in her sleep. Mom could definitely not fit in Milo’s bed so that means that Milo slept in bed with Mom … I have never been allowed to do that, the most I get onto the bed is my head and front paws and then I get told “Down”.

I suppose my life is going to change somewhat now that I am not the “only” dog in the house but I’ll take it in my stride. I still get lots of hugs and kisses from Mom and all my treats as usual so I guess there is enough love in this house to go around.


Have a good week all you bloggers

Wet dogs and warm fires

Hello Blogpeeps

It is once again wet, windy and cold and Cape Town and looks set to continue like this right through to next weekend.

It’s not all bad though as it provides lots of reading, relaxing and television watching time.

We made a mistake this past Saturday – we went to the SPCA to look for a dog/puppy to adopt. All the adult dogs were sopping wet and caked in dirt, you just could not WANT to pick them up. They all looked so pitiful but to be honest in those conditions you really cannot assess the dogs at all. Some were shivering; some were barking madly, some looked at us with mournful eyes begging to be given a nice dry home. It upset poor OH so much, he’s a real softie when it comes to the way animals are looked after. I know it was raining but it would not take much to have some kind of tarpaulin that they could pull over the “outside” section of the kennels so that the dogs did not have to get wet.  So no decision was made, we filled out the forms and still want to adopt but none of the dogs we saw really drew us in.

On Sunday I was looking at puppies for sale on Gumtree and found a Maltese puppy just around the corner from us.  I called up and we went to look but were appalled at the way the puppy was being looked after. It was only 6 weeks old and being fed on milk and bread. When I asked to see the parents it was quite apparent that the mother was definitely not a Maltese although the father may have been. They were being kept outside in a tiny damp box – it was pouring with rain. The mother was clearly not interested in feeding her remaining puppy even though the little thing cried when she saw her mother and tried to latch on. The other 3 puppies from the litter had already been sold. They were asking R1 000 for this crossbreed.  We left quite disgusted that people could treat their animals like that so for now Ozzy remains an “only” dog.

It was so cold Sunday morning that we lit the fire before we had even had breakfast much to Ozzy’s delight. I don’t know how much wood we burned up by the evening but it sure was nice and cosy. I also made a pot of Carrot, Sweet Potato, Coriander, Chilli and Ginger Soup which proved to be a great belly warmer.

It was great to have Downton Abbey on television again last night – it is such a great series.

Have a good week everyone and keep warm and dry.

Ozzy airs the family’s dirty washing

Ozzy here again, Mom is so busy with washing and office work, she says it’s the price she has to pay for taking two days off, so I thought I would tell you a little about our weekend away.

We went to our holiday house on Friday, for me it really is a “holiday house” cos Mom and Dad do all the packing and unpacking of the car and once I have inspected the boundaries of our property I find a nice spot in the sun/shade and relax until supper time.

That’s me Ozzy relaxing in the sun

Mom & Dad were quite busy this time doing some woodwork and varnishing counter tops but I got my meals on time so I can’t complain.

On Sunday afternoon I heard Mom say to Dad that they had done enough work and she poured herself a glass of red wine and invited Dad to come and join her on the jetty in the sunshine. I don’t think Dad needed much persuasion and drink in hand he joined her on the bench. I went along too with some of my toys hoping they would play fetch with me but they were obviously far too relaxed. After a while Mom sent Dad back to the house for another glass of wine, and of course he came back with another drink for himself too. They sat there until the sun dipped below the hill behind the house and Mom said it was time to light the braai. This called for another drink. After they had eaten and had another drink Mom went to have a bath and Dad followed.

Mom was already in bed reading when Dad, freshly bathed, in his pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers opened the sliding door and went down to the jetty. I thought that pretty strange so I got out of bed and followed him.  It seems he dropped a spanner in the water earlier whilst doing some work on the jetty and now that it was low tide he decided it was a good time to retrieve it even though it was pitch dark.  So carefully he walks down a strip of grass that is exposed at low tide, spots the spanner and retrieves it. But as he was turning around to make his way back his feet slid out from underneath him and splash – there he was in the muddy water. His slipper boots just sucked up the mud, his torch sucked up the mud, his pjs and dressing gown sucked up the mud, honestly he looked like a swamp monster, good thing I can’t laugh out loud.  Now at this point I would like to make it clear that when I “play” in the mud I have to be showered off with the garden hose before I am allowed inside the house again. Dad left his muddy slippers, gown and pyjamas on the verandah and went inside shivering to try and get some sympathy from Mom. Mom just laughed, paid him no heed and continued to read. Maybe Dad had had too much to drink cos the next low tide was in the daylight.

When Mom saw his muddy slippers, gown and pjs on the verandah the next morning she just laughed again and Dad said it wasn’t so funny cos he had hurt his knee too and Mom said it is absolutely so funny and continued to made remarks about his muddy waders.

I guess in end though Dad got the last laugh, Mom has to wash his muddy clothes and his slippers are floating soaking in the pool.

Golden evening light on the river

Winter serenity – very few boats

Sunshine on Potberg

King of all I survey

Evening sky

Thought I would share some photos with you cos Mom might never get around to it.

Loving woofs to all my blogging friends.