Milo & Me

Hello Blog friends Ozzy here.

Well did I get a surprise on Saturday afternoon. My humans came home with a green squeaky toy for me. I was overjoyed and immediately pounced on it and it squeaked even louder, what fun. But the fun did not last because Mom and Dad kept telling me to be gentle to my new little brother ….

Turns out this green thing can change colours cos Mom took the green thing off and underneath was this little white dog. It seems it’s a he and his tail was wagging so he must be puppy cos he’s really, really, very, very small.

His name is Milo. He is my little brother and I love him already!  Mom says I have to be the big brother and teach Milo good manners like mine (puffs chest out proudly).Image

On Sunday Milo found his voice, and my bed. The cheeky little fellow actually barks at me, I ask you! And he bites my feet and legs which has me dancing around in circles trying not to step on the little bugger. It’s all a bit undignified for a fellow like me but I suppose humans also act and talk funny when they are around babies or puppies for that matter!

Now I suppose I could share my bed, but Milo has his own bed which Dad fetched from the storeroom. They said that when I was a small puppy I slept in it too, hard for me to believe I was every THAT small!  And then Milo likes to lie in the MIDDLE of my bed which makes things very difficult for a gentleman like me.


Today he took over my other spot under Mom’s desk where I have a nice comfy mattress next to the heater. Again he lay IN THE MIDDLE! Mom said I must go and lie down too but WHERE I ask you! And he shredded a tissue there, I mean one really cannot expect me to lie in that mess!


Now I don’t know if this is true or not but I heard Dad say something to Mom about being scared she would roll over on Milo in her sleep. Mom could definitely not fit in Milo’s bed so that means that Milo slept in bed with Mom … I have never been allowed to do that, the most I get onto the bed is my head and front paws and then I get told “Down”.

I suppose my life is going to change somewhat now that I am not the “only” dog in the house but I’ll take it in my stride. I still get lots of hugs and kisses from Mom and all my treats as usual so I guess there is enough love in this house to go around.


Have a good week all you bloggers


10 thoughts on “Milo & Me

  1. I am so glad you now have a little brother to play with, Ozzy. He looks too adorable.
    I am sure you’re going to have lots of fun with him and more so when he gets a little older and bigger. Give Milo a great big lick from me.

  2. Oh my! Your new brother is too cute, but only in a small way, Ozzy. You and Milo will have such fun together when he gets a bit older. In the meantime, you’ll have to teach him the rules of your household, and maybe share your bed occasionally. 😉

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