Milo’s 1st week

What a week it’s been in our household. Milo’s arrival last Saturday certainly has us on our toes as far as toilet training is concerned but I am happy to report that he is learning fast and when he does have an accident it tends to be at an outside door so he is obviously trying to get outside. Being winter we can’t leave doors open and he is too little to leave outside on his own as we have a pond out front and a swimming pool out back.

Yesterday he fell into the pond, I was watching him and I think he thought that the pond weed was grass and tried to walk on it. Fortunately it was the very shallow end and he only got his feet and belly wet and after a rub dry with a warm towel it was all forgotten.

Look how “dikbek” poor Ozzy is about the intruder in his bed!

We had a family lunch yesterday at my DIL’s mothers’ place and had to take Milo with. He was very, very good, no accidents in the house, slept while we were eating and drew lots of ooh’s and aww’s from all present. His only wrong move was towards the cat’s food bowl for which he got swatted upside the head by an otherwise very passive cat.

On Sunday morning he woke up at 6.15 am and I took him outside for wees and poos and then tucked him up in bed with me and we all slept in till 8.30 am – it was marvellous.  This morning he woke up at 5.20 am so I took him out, he did his wees and poos and I took him back to bed with me but the little bugger thought it was playtime and just would not settle. Fortunately OH came to the rescue and took him to the family room so I could sleep a bit longer.  I will only have this opportunity for another week as next Monday OH is having surgery on both his feet and will be bedridden for two weeks and hobbling around on crutches for another two. I will have my work cut out for me, looking after OH, Milo and trying to do my work.

Ozzy has been so patient with the little ankle snapper who has now started jumping up and latching onto Ozzy’s jowls. From being concerned that Ozzy might hurt Milo accidentally I am now more concerned that Milo will hurt Ozzy as he is nipping him very close to his eyes and we have started to stop that kind of play when it gets too rough.  Ozzy has discovered that a gentle nudge with his flat nose can roll Milo over very easily and that is how he exerts some control over their games. It really is very sweet to see how much he is prepared to put up. Milo has also taken a fancy to Ozzy’s bed and loves to romp and roll around in his blankets with Ozzy just looking on patiently.

Milo really is a delightful little fellow, full of character and self confidence and I am sure he is going to grow into a great dog. When I think about the life he might have had had he not been rescued and taken to DARG it sends shivers down my spine.


20 thoughts on “Milo’s 1st week

  1. Maybe you had the same problem with the Milo posts that I have had since using wordpress. I can only see mine in html until it`s published. So when there is a problem I have to then edit it, I think this gives a double email.

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