It’s the Weekend!

Well it’s Friday again and we have made it through the week without any major mishaps. The best news is that we once again have some domestic help. An old domestic worker has come back to work once a week on Fridays and we are delighted to have her back. She is a good worker and it will be a real blessing to me especially with OH laid up for 4 weeks after his feet ops.

This morning I had a hair appointment and as the lady I go to works from home I took Milo with me so that our domestic worker could get a move on without Milo chasing her heels around the house. Milo was as good as gold and slept most of the time in his bed which I took with. Needless to say my hairdresser has now offered to dog sit should I ever need it – she is smitten with the little fellow.

This evening we are going to a show at the Barnyard with my cousin and her husband and tomorrow morning we have to take Milo back to DARG for more inoculations. On Sunday we are going to the Motor Museum at L’Ormarins in Franschoek with wine tasting thrown in.  This was a Father’s Day present for OH and he is looking forward to seeing all the vintage cars. Milo will have to go with us as he is still on 3 meals per day and I hope that won’t be a problem.

OH has to be at the hospital at 6.00 am on Tuesday and will have to stay over for two nights. I just hope that I hear Milo when he wakes up in the night and needs to go out because my hearing is not good and it’s even worse when I am horizontal.

Health wise that will have to be the next thing I tackle after OH has recovered, my left ear makes popping/clicking noises and sometimes I get a strange dizzy sensation in my head especially if I am bending over. Sometimes it is severe enough for me to lose my balance momentarily.

Wishing you all a great weekend


11 thoughts on “It’s the Weekend!

    • I plan to see an ENT first, then if he does not find anything physically wrong I will go to the hearing clinic for a hearing test. Tonight we are going out with my cousin and her husband. She is 9 months younger than me and even deafer, she has been wearing hearing aids for some years now. We do have a laugh about our disability together and manage to understand each other quite well.

  1. Wishing OH all the best for his op. Enjoy the Barnyard show, and the motor museum trip. I also love looking at vintage cars. Milo sounds like such a sweet angel of a puppy. 😉

  2. That sounds like loads of fun coming up (except OH’s operation)
    It is nice to have a familiar face back in your home. I’m just as thrilled to have my Sipho back in the garden.

    • Yes, I think the op will be quite painful as there are bones and tendons involved and we have more nerve endings in our feet than anywhere else in the body.
      Best part about having P back is that I don’t have to waste time training her – she knows her way around and is instantly productive!

  3. we’ve been to the motor museum, it was tremendous. I couldn’t get over how many cars there were in such mint condition. You’ll love it, and of course the wine tasting 🙂

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