Matron in waiting

Hello Bloggers

OH’s surgery went well and the block injections that they gave him afterwards have so far kept him free of pain. He is going to be discharged tomorrow and my son is going to help me get him home and safely into “his ward”.

Thankfully Milo allowed me to have a good night’s sleep last night because I was so tired from a bad night the night before and a very early start yesterday. “We” woke up at 7.15 am and when I looked down Milo was not in his bed so I was expecting to find an “oepsie” but he had held it in. What I also could not find was my one slipper. Later investigation revealed that he had hidden under the middle of the king size bed – little bugger!

We started obedience training today and Milo is proving to be a fast learner. I have a pocket full of treats and he now comes as soon as I call and is rewarded with a treat.

Just heard that an old school friend of OH’s has had another heart attack, the second in under a year which is not good news.

I’m off to starch my “matrons” uniform so I can be ready for my patient’s arrival tomorrow.



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