Quick Update

I fetched OH from hospital this morning. What an effort to get him dressed and into a wheelchair. Our son came along to help and without his assistance I don’t know how we would have managed. OH has these really huge “moonboots” that he has to wear if he puts weight on his feet but they are very difficult to balance on. With the help of crutches and an office chair on wheels we managed to get him to his “ward” and settled in bed. His feet have to be raised up above the level of his heart for the next two weeks.

The dogs went absolutely mad to see him so ecstatic were they. Our son has loaned him an iPad and set him up with all the TV controls for DSTV and recorded programmes. He has books to read, Olympics to watch and I doubt he will be bored but I am sure he will become restless as the days move on.

He had a light lunch and some coffee and has settled down for a nap. I am just waiting for the walkie-talkie to summon me back on duty.

Another gold medal for SA today in Mens Fours – well done boys!


14 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. can so relate to this, my daughter – eldest with cerebral palsy – had a bunion op about a year ago, just one foot, but because of her balance problems related to her CP, it was quite a challenge and exhausting! May I suggest an extra large glass of wine at the end of the day while watching the Olympics 🙂

    • So far OH has not been out of bed again but I have been running backwards and forwards between him, the dogs, my office, supervising our domestic, preparing meals, administering medication. This is going to be a very LOOOOOONG 2 weeks!

  2. Wishing OH a speedy recovery and you the strength needed to take care of him, till he’s up and running about. Look after yourself.
    Yay! it was nice to see another gold medal from SA:-)

  3. So it’s a life of lazing in luxury for OH for the next couple of weeks at least. The Olympics will be a great diversion for him. Hard to get bored. All the best to your dear hubby, and good luck to the matron/nursemaid. 😉

  4. I hope all goes well with the recuperation of OH.
    That rowing was just fantastic. They seemed to come out of nowhere.
    They were so elated.
    At the same time it was sad to see my Dutch team come stone last.

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