Patience & Patients!

Oh boy, is OH giving me grey hairs. He is obviously getting fed up with the bed rest and propels himself down the passage and into the kitchen in an office chair, or even worse uses the chair like a zimmer and walks. He is only one week into his two weeks of strict bedrest and instead of wearing his moonboots when doing this he has modified an old pair of sandals. Now I accept that the moonboots are not the most comfortable things but he is NOT supposed to be walking anyway. I tried to tell him that when the bandages come off next Tuesday and his foot is redressed the moonboots might feel more comfortable.

This morning I had to read the riot act, I told him that this operation has cost us an awful lot of money, and him personally a lot of pain and suffering and that he was not to be stupid and go a mess it up by not listening to the doctor’s instructions. I threatened to lock him in if he does not stop going walkabout. I think he got the message because now the walkie-talkie is beeping every 5 minutes with “sorry sweetie, are you busy?”  Give me strength!!!


11 thoughts on “Patience & Patients!

  1. Oh dear! It was all going so well. Men get bored so easily, what about giving him a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle and asking Ozzy and Milo to help him with it 😉
    Wishing you both well x.

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