Wheels swop

I have not had much time to blog the past few days, we’ve had visitors, 2 whole lambs (slaughtered and delivered) to pack and freeze, meetings to attend, puppy to clean up after, and then there’s the patient…

Yesterday afternoon OH had to visit the surgeon for a check up. When the surgeon saw that OH was not wearing the moonboots but a modified pair of sandals he was most unimpressed. However it turns out that the moonboots OH was given weremuch too big for him and this was contributing to the pain he experienced when he put them on. A smaller pair was sourced and he is much happier and taking the odd walk around the house with the aid of his crutches instead of rolling around on an office chair.

It was great to have OH join me in the family room to watch TV last evening, I just have to make sure that he does not overdo things.

Another thing that has kept me busy is the arrival of our my new car. I drove the same vehicle from new for 16 years and it was time for a replacement. It is a Hyundai i30 Automatic and it is just the bees knees. It’s basically a computer on wheels, it has bluetooth and all sorts of modes for media and phones.The engine is so quiet you can’t hear it running when the car is stationary.  My cell phone is now paired with my car and I can answer calls by just pushing a button on the steering wheel.  All my phone contacts are now also backed up to my car – how cool is that! The radio controls are also on the steering wheel, as is cruise control and different steering modes – normal, comfort and sport!  I’m sorry if all this is old hat to many of you, but all this new technology  just blows me away. It is the first time I have had an automatic vehicle and I just love it.

I’m pretty sure that this will be the last new vehicle that we will purchase so it’s got to last us two old farts well into retirement. Needless to say IT geek son is well impressed!

Hope all you Cape bloggers keep warm and dry and take care driving home this evening. Just heard some thunder overhead.


16 thoughts on “Wheels swop

  1. Wow, that car sound fantastic! I so remember my one and only new car I ever bought. Nothing fancy, but just that smell of newness was amazing. Enjoy all the new gadgets in it, and I’m glad you’ll be chatting hands-free 😉 All the best to OH getting around with the new booties.

  2. I’m a big Hyundai fan and you have just sent of the “green with envy” button somewhat, hearing what the new ones are coming out with. I am not a big fan of moon boots. Had one for more months than I care to mention (maybe if they came with gadgets like the car, I would have been happier – will notify the manufacturers now).

    • I drove a Hyundai i30 in the UK in March by accident. I had booked the i20 but the hire firm upgraded me to the i30 diesel auto and I fell in love with it. Could not wait to test drive the new i30’s when they were launched in July this year. My new car has even more features than the hire car.

  3. Enjoy your new car, I wish I could afford one. I`ve been driving my 1300 Citi Golf since 2002 and it was3 years old then. But I have just had notification for a new driving licence, which my Wife hopes will be my last one as she says 75 is time to give up driving. I still like to drive from Plett to Hermanus but my Wife doesn`t like me speeding down the hills to get the little golf up the next hill. 🙂

    • I am sure this will be our last new car as OH retires this year. LOL at you speeding down hill to make it up the next 🙂 We have a friend in the UK who is 97 and still driving and making a good job of it too. If you still feel competent to drive and you are not having accidents there is no reason to give it up.

  4. Great news! Good to hear that OH is doing much better and the problem with the boots is sorted. Congratulations on your latest and cool car. Enjoy & have many safe travels in it. Keep Smiling:-)

    • Thanks, yes going well apart from my time management or should I say mis management. I keep getting interrupted so there are many unfinished tasks around the house some of which I only discover on my way to bed at night having completely slipped off my radar during the day!

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