Week 3 of Home Nursing

I can’t believe that three weeks of home nursing have gone by already, probably because I rarely have a chance to stop and slow down. OH is doing much better on his crutches and moonboots now but is not going back to work until the 27th when he will still have another 4 weeks on crutches to go.

Of course just because his body is inactive does not mean that his mind has slowed down.  He is constantly buzzing me on the walkie-talkie to ask if I have done this or that, made a phone call, sent an email, obviously he is very bored now in spite of all the toys he has to play with.  I have just put him on Facebook so that he can have some other distraction to keep him busy.

As I type I have little Milo on my lap, he has grown so much and is quite a sturdy little fellow. He loves to cuddle and he and OH have had lots of opportunity for that. As he grows and his coat has recovered from the mange his colouring is changing and more “milo” coloured spots are appearing on his paws and face.

It’s my son’s 32nd birthday on Monday and I have not had a chance to buy him a birthday present yet, I hate being unprepared like that but we are hoping to have a family lunch on Sunday and celebrate then.

I have not had a chance to drive my new car except to take OH for his check up. If the weather is good this weekend I’ll take him for a drive just to get out a bit.

Wishing all bloggers and happy and warm weekend.



5 thoughts on “Week 3 of Home Nursing

  1. You are a great nurse, and great that the patient is getting better. Taking him for a drive in your new car sounds like a perfect idea. All the best for your son’s birthday…*hugs*

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