A good weekend

The weekend just seemed to fly by, after grocery shopping on Saturday morning I took OH out for a drive in our new car in the afternoon. It was sunny but not particularly warm and although we were only out for two and half hours his feet were sore from being down by the time we got home.  We stopped at Fish Hoek Beach and I took Milo for a short walk during which time he made many new human friends, including a couple of delightful old grannies who really enjoyed petting him.

On Sunday morning my time revolved around preparing the roast lunch. OH stayed in bed to preserve his energy for the afternoon and we had a delightful time with our son and DIL and DIL’s mother. The roast shoulder of lamb studded with garlic and rosemary, accompanied by roast vegetables, roast potatoes, peas, gravy and mint sauce went down a treat. For starters we had home made chicken liver pate on melba toast and dessert was good icecream with mini merranges drizzled with coffee tequila. It’s not often that I enjoy my own cooking when entertaining but I really did enjoy yesterday’s and I am looking forward to leftover lamb sandwiches for lunch today.

The day was a double celebration as today is my son’s 32nd birthday and it is 15 years since OH had a stem cell transplant for leukaemia of which is he now totally clear. It was also my late MIL’s birthday.

It was also a farewell to my DIL’s mother who is off to join her partner and start a new life in the Azores.

After lunch we lit a fire and sat around drinking coffee and chatting till quite late. Ozzy and Milo were delighted with all the visitors and attention and showed how well they have bonded.


It is still very cold here in Cape Town today and the week’s forecast is not looking too bright.



8 thoughts on “A good weekend

    • Ozzy does not get to travel in the new car. His mode of transport is the double cab. We are also getting Milo used to car travel so when we have to drive for 3 hours to our holiday house he will not be stressed by the journey. So far he seems to be coping very well.

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