The Brown Stuff Hit the Fan this morning!

Driving into town for a meeting this morning I got a phone call from a very shaken up OH who said he had just been informed that he was facing a disciplinary hearing.  To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I finally managed to get the story out of him in bits and pieces and this is the gist of it.

Our Financial Advisor requires an up-to-date value on OH’s Provident Fund, the last statement we have is December 2011. OH asked his HR Department to request this from the management company but what we got back seemed to be employee contributions for this year only. Again OH requested a current value and was told that the statement would only be available at the end of October which is a bit late as he is retiring at the end of November.

So we asked our Financial Advisor if he could try and access the information for us seeing as we have given him signed permission to act on our behalf.  I’m not sure exactly how what happened next came about but it turns out that one of his staff emailed everyone in the management company requesting the information but did this by forwarding my email to him containing the previous correspondence between me and OH and OH and his HR company.  The management company contacted OH’s company and raised the roof because we said we were not getting what we asked for (and still don’t have it) and because only the provident fund trustees at OH’s company are allowed to request this info (who would have known?). The HR lady had the cheek to ask him why he involved his wife!

I am still waiting for our Financial Advisor to return my or OH’s calls and I am extremely unhappy that OH has been put through so much unnecessary stress. One would expect the staff working in the Financial Advisory Industry to use some discretion with people’s personal information. Poor OH is being held responsible for something completely outside of his control.

I went into my meeting with chest pains as a direct result of the stress of the situation. Here we are, trying to prepare for his retirement and employing the services of an expert and this is what we end up with.


10 thoughts on “The Brown Stuff Hit the Fan this morning!

  1. I had a dumb HR manager at my last job. I phoned Momentum Provident Fund they assisted me in getting my own sign in password for my own records and I was able to draw a statement anytime I wanted to all I needed was my id number and employee number and if memory does not fail me it started with a W. I hope this helps.

    I was called in to two disciplinary hearings. Top most do not talk when someone else is talking, keep extremely calm. If you get upset in anyway you lose the situation immediately. The calmer and more quiet you are the better. Any claims against you should be handled by saying “can you prove it, do you have a witness, did you provide assistance” ask, ask & ask.

  2. All money problems are stressful, but i have a way to try and get over them by not worrying about the ones I can`t change. then use that energy to sort out what you know you can change. Retirement is not the golden years that everyone says they are, unless you have plenty of money unfortunately. Just when you think you are sorted, prices go up again.

  3. It raises my blood pressure just to read this. If it happened to me, I would come out firing all guns and demanding that instead of faffing around with farcical DAs, they get their act together. The DA needs to be taken against them, for utter incompetence all round.

  4. I don’t as a rule like to swear on a blog, but I feel I have to say that the people in question are a bunch of flucking morons who deserve to be thumped with a ream of photo-copy paper!

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