Black out

Last evening poor OH was still very unnerved by the day’s drama and complained about his stomach being upset and not being very hungry. 

We had a light supper and afterwards I was in my office finishing off a few things when I heard a huge crash. I looked out towards the family room which was dimly lit due to OH’s obsession with electricity saving and saw something on the floor at the door that did not appear to be a dog and heard the safety gate being hit.  I rushed across to find OH on the floor kicking at the safety gate. He did not know what happened and it appears that the blacked out. He said he was not hurt but I put a pillow under his head and made him stay there for a few minutes just to be on the safe side.  Then I  helped him up and onto the couch and took his blood pressure – it was very low.  I don’t know if this is in any way connected to the stress of the day but it shook me up too.

He said he had gone to let the dogs out and the next thing he was on the floor.  My nerves are shot too. We are getting too old for all this stress and drama. Hopefully the weekend will bring some relaxation and peace.


9 thoughts on “Black out

  1. Worry after worry. It comes of him having stress to put up with when he really shouldn’t. Maybe you should phone the offending types and tell them that if they cause any more rubbish you will put a mealiefield out on them – er, that is, a corn tract. 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry to hear this, optie. What a worry for you both. I’m sure that the stress earlier in the day, probably contributed to what happened. I really hope that you can both relax and regroup this weekend. Hugs

  3. You have our sympathies as it is something that comes with stress which effects the blood pressure. I`ve had effects like that, but I have had 3 heart attacks and they messed with my medication when pills are unavailable here. We wish you all the best and hope there are no more occurrences.

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