Power outage

We were woken up at 11.30 pm on Monday night by a phone call from our alarm company who had detected a power failure. As we struggled around in the dark (and OH trying to find his feet and moon boots) we realised that our entire neighbourhood was in darkness. After ascertaining that all was well in our house we went back to bed.  I just could not get back to sleep and ended up reading for quite a while, thank goodness for a Kindle with a cover with a built in light J

When we woke up at 7.00 am still no power, phoned the electrical fault line whose automated service informed me that overhead cables were down in our area but over private property and they were waiting for the morning to get access.

9.00 am still no power, thank heavens for a gas hob, and camping toaster – at least we could have breakfast.

10.00 am still no power, both laptop and netbook batteries were flat and I had to prepare for a meeting, not to mention fix my hair. Tried gas hot brush – would not ignite L

11.00 am still no power although there was now evidence of electricity department truck in our area.

11.30 am left early for meeting to hook up to power for laptop and do necessary meeting preparation.

BTW our electric gate has NO battery back-up so had to push/shove it manually, it is very wide and very heavy!

At the corner encountered ADT van plus multiple electricity department trucks and people standing around in the street trying to contact the owners of a house for permission to access the property – this is now coming up 12 hours after the power first went out!

Thankfully when I returned home at 3.00 pm the power had been restored.

Now I have to ask myself why they did not arrive early enough to catch the residents of the entire stretch before they left for work to arrange access instead of starting at one house and expecting the other neighbours to be there when they needed to move on to the next section. Surely this would have just been common sense?

In other news OH saw his surgeon on Monday afternoon and had his bandages finally removed, thereafter he saw the physio and has exercises to do three times a day for the next 3 – 4 months. He still has to wear his moonboots for the next three weeks and is not allowed to drive yet so I will still be getting him to and from work three times per day as he comes home for lunch. Thank goodness his work is only one and half km from our home!

I have loads of work to get through this week so I’d better pull myself towards myself and get on with it.


10 thoughts on “Power outage

  1. It seems you have the same problems that we have. we were only saying the other day that when I was younger and living in the UK power cuts didn`t make much difference to life. We had battery radio`s, gas cooking and candles were cheap. There was no TV, computers and all the gadgets that we have around the house today. 🙂

  2. So annoying isn’t it? We had a 4 hour power outage on Monday night, and again last night. It went off at 7pm and came on at midnight. Two broken night’s sleep in a row. 😦 It’s very strange to me that it goes off and come back on exactly on the hour, and it makes me think that it’s a deliberate switch off. We’ve also been without internet and phone for hours on end over the past few days. I can’t wait to get over to Florida in October, so I can get some decent service. 🙂

    • Here in Cape Town our City Council is usually on the ball and gets things fixed quite quickly. I just don’t know why no-one thought that people would be going off to work and was pro-active enough to secure access early in the morning.

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