Grandparents at last

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“When a child deserves your love the least is when they need it most”

Optie is extremely emotional today, the tears just won’t dry up and my thoughts are all over the place. The reason – yesterday’s reunion with our daughter and meeting our granddaughter for the very first time.

We welcomed them as if there had been no estrangement. Our granddaughter is simply gorgeous (all grandparents would say that but she truly is a little honey) and our daughter who always said she did not want children is a wonderful mum. Her partner is a really involved dad, takes nappy changes and child care in his stride.

Little T (LT) is no stranger to the camera and really plays up to it so we were able to get some very good photos. My daughter offered to drop off copies of all the baby pictures to date so it seems she wants us to be involved in our granddaughter’s future.


Like her Mom she has very little hair at nearly one year of age.


This pic really shows what a little character she is.


Making the most of a braaied sparerib.

We asked no questions about the past and she said nothing either so there are still a lot of unanswered questions but my focus is the future.

LT has just started walking and is a happy, confident little girl. She is also cutting teeth but is not grisly with it.  We gave her some homemade biltong to chew on and that went down a real treat.

It was bittersweet watching OH with LT, he had the biggest, most genuine smile on his face that I have seen for years. When I think back to his heart attack in January, probably helped on by the ongoing stress of the estrangement and my futile trip to the UK in March to try and see our daughter it was all I could do not to crack up. We both managed to hold it together till they finally left after we had enjoyed a braai together but by then I was physically and emotionally wrecked and just need to crawl into bed, too tired to even talk about the day.

We will see them again before they leave to go back to the UK and hopefully we will now have the privilege of watching LT grow up, even if it is from afar.

To everyone who sent supportive messages for yesterday, a big thank you, I appreciated them all very much.


25 thoughts on “Grandparents at last

  1. Dear Optie,

    I can’t begin to imagine the heartbreak you must have felt over the enstrangement with your daughter. In fact, I am crying for you as I sit here writing this. I have a little granddaughter who lives in France, just 17months old and I worship her. Grandchildren bring such joy to ourlives. I do hope your daughter and yourself manage to bury past differences and move on.

    Sometimes it is best not to pick at a scab, but let it heal. The past is not important only the future.

    Kind regards,


    • thanks for the kind words piglet, there will be no scab picking on our side. we would just like to have our family reunited and be able to watch our granddaughter grow up.

      • That’s great Optie. Sometimes the separation from my family is just to much to bear. Hope you guys can keep intouch via webcam. Our little granddaughter face lights up when she sees us appear on the computer screen and at the moment we capture her attnetionspan for just a few minutes. Hugsxx

  2. So glad it has finally come together. Thinking about it, probably the visit to UK did lead to this moment, even though you seemed to have wasted all the time and expense at the time. All the unanswered questions must be terribly frustrating, but perhaps better they remain so rather than that things go back to square one.
    Isn’t she a little darling?

  3. Wow, optie, such wonderful news at last. I am so happy for you and OH that you at last had your dream come true. I can just imagine how emotional it has been for you, yet rewarding at the same time. Savour the feeling. I hope that all will come right in the end, even with unanswered questions for now. Bless you all.

  4. Now I have tears i my eyes too, optie. She is a lovely, happy little girl, and I’m so glad that you and OH were able to see and hold her. I can’t imagine the emotion you both must have felt, let alone what you’ve been through in the past. I hope this is the start of new beginnings, and the stress you’ve been feeling will lift completely. 🙂

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