While I was gone (from the blogs)

My absence from the blogs this past week or so is mostly due to computer issues plus pressure of work. My laptop slowed down to a crawl, something was chowing up my bandwidth and I lost count of the number of reboots I had to perform just to get something done.  It was so slow I kept forgetting what I was trying to achieve!

Anyway dearest son came to the rescue on Wednesday evening and found the source of the problem, chastised me for changing settings on my Dropbox but the problem was sorted. I was so appreciative because he and my DIL are very busy with an exciting business development and that is on top of his paid job so his time is precious. Today he is off to Johannesburg and only returns home on Monday, losing a weekend because of work demands.

All well and good, yesterday I received an email from a government department that shall remain unnamed that appeared genuine and contained important information. Fortunately I did not distribute it further but placed it on the website I administer. It would seem that the original email contained a spam virus because I have now received that email in excess of 500 times in addition to repetitive emails from other recipients who thought that responding to all was an appropriate way to get the spam to stop. I have not looked at my bandwidth usage yet but I would imagine it’s probably close to the limit again.

Yesterday OH and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary; we also said our final farewells to our daughter, granddaughter and her partner who flew back to the UK yesterday afternoon. Our daughter arrived bearing flowers as an anniversary gift which really took us by surprise as she has not recognised one birthday, anniversary or Christmas since 2009.  It would seem that she has really had a genuine change of heart and promised to keep in touch in future.  She also downloaded a lot of LT’s baby pics onto my laptop so we now have a bit of a record of our granddaughter’s first year.

I could not believe how much LT’s walking had improved in the past 10/11 days since we first met her. She is now far more confident and goes along so fast she develops a speed wobble but quickly recovers her balance.  She is also trying so hard to talk and communicate. It’s sad that we won’t be able to watch her develop further at close range but I am so thankful that we have had the opportunity to interact with her and cuddle her – she’s a great snuggler! She was also completely unfazed when OH and I individually took her out into the garden and away from her parents, just lots of happy smiles and very keen to investigate the world around her. Here she is on the beach having a great time in the sand.

It’s pouring with rain here in Cape Town as I type and the weekend does not look too promising but both OH and I need some time and space to rest and recover from what has been a very emotionally draining two weeks in which all the sadness that we had suppressed for years came to the surface again but this time with a happy ending.


17 thoughts on “While I was gone (from the blogs)

  1. So glad that things came right, even if it remains a mystery as to why they should have gone wrong in the first place. That is startling progress with walking in less than two weeks!
    The spam scene is scary.

  2. So glad that you had such a joyous reunion and that your computer problems have been sorted out. I use dropbox too now you have me worried are my settings correct 😦

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