Time for a change

Hello Blogpeeps

In view of the recent breakthrough in my life I felt it appropriate to celebrate with a change of gravatar. I’m not going all soft and airy-fairy though – that would not be me.

This is how I will appear for the forseeable future. No longer  p*ssed off but still with attitude! And if anyone does not approve of the change please see below:


17 thoughts on “Time for a change

  1. Ah no! I noticed the gravatar change and was coming over here to give you uphill about it, no matter what your post was about. Then I find out your post is telling me I cannot give you uphill! Tut, tut – you just took all the fun out of it 😀

  2. If the blog is the same , nothing has changed for the worse. The last Avatar reminded me of the French Archers who had that finger cut off by the British so they couldn`t use a longbow. Is this now a change of material in your blog?

    • I’m hoping that my posts will be more lighthearted now that we are finally reconciled with our daughter. My blog was originally a place for me to vent my feelings rather than bottle it up or burden OH with them – he was suffering too. Expect more commentary on current affairs and more humour. I remember blogging in a very early post that the situation with our daughter had changed who I was in a very fundamental way. Now that the sadness has been lifted I want to reclaim the person I was before.

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