Scam Alert

At lunchtime today I received a phone call on our landline from a lady who said she was calling from the Windows Maintenance Department. I thought she was going to offer me a window washing service, but no such luck.

She claimed that my computer was generating error messages and that she was calling to assist me in sorting it out. I told her to get lost and put the phone down.

I told my son, the IT boff about the call and he confirmed it is a scam and nothing whatsoever to do with Microsoft. Goodness knows where gullible people will end up if they entertain a call like this, probably with spyware on their computer, identity theft or their bank accounts depleted.

The internet is not a safe place – be careful out there folks and if in doubt rather err on the side of caution than be sorry later.


11 thoughts on “Scam Alert

    • Older folk are especially vulnerable. I heard on the weekend about the friend of a friend who received a similar call to the one I did but the caller was far more insistent that the person go and sit in front of their computer immediately and claimed to be their ISP. Fortunately she also smelled a rat and cut the call.

  1. I read something similar on someone’s blog a couple of days ago. Seems like this scam is going viral. Your “get lost” reaction is the way to go. You and I weren’t born yesterday, and are aware of these dangers, but unfortunately some people will fall for it. šŸ˜¦

    • Sadly some will fall for it AD. Last week we heard about our shared gardener who works at our holiday home falling for the you’ve won a ton of money scam. The one where you first have to cough up admin fees, then this fee and that fee. His boss told him it was a scam but the lure of easy money was too strong – now he has to pay back the money he borrowed for the “fees” and has no windfall to show for his trouble.

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