Unsupported and disconnected

This has been an extremely frustrating and unproductive week. Today is Day 10 of trying to get my service provider to make changes to a domain I administer to enable an internet based mailing list.

In my dealings with my ISP I have probably been ”assisted” by every staff member in the call centre support department except the one that might actually understand what needs to be done and the implications of stuffing everything up.  As a result I have not been able to receive or send email on one of my business accounts and my clients think I have gone AWOL. It has been an endless round of “pass the buck”, fob her off with lies and untruths and the old “bullshit baffles brains” theory.

Today my son J got involved and as he is an IT boff he is able to view the back-end of the domain to check that they have made the correct changes but we are now waiting for the system to propagate whatever the hell that means.

So that is why I have been absent from the blogs and why a certain canine took advantage of my distraction and hijacked my blog, the young upstart. He has been given his marching orders “No squatting on my blog after Monday!”

In contrast to last weekend’s festivities in the way of OH’s 65th birthday party this weekend is looking decidedly dull.  All we have ahead of us are lots of errands / chores to fit into the business part of two days.

But back to the party. OH was delighted that a good friend had driven 250 km to celebrate with him. I let the details of the party unfold slowly as people arrived followed by the better-late-than-never caterers, but as it was a stunning evening everyone was happy to be outdoors until well after midnight. J made a very moving speech and got quite choked up which really touched OH. Three very good friends, one an old school friend of OH’s, made great speeches and OH was truly honoured by all the kind words.

Now I am going to climb into bed with the book I am currently reading, “World without End” by Ken Follet. It is all about the period leading up to and during the First World War and although it is a work of fiction, it is based on well researched historic facts. The narrative is proving to be an incredibly interesting social commentary on the differences between the gentry and the working classes as well as the status of women in both the upper and lower classes. The senseless brutality of war is well described and one cannot imagine how these same countries went to war again in 1939 just a generation later.  I’m getting near the end of the book but as it is the first of a trilogy there’s plenty more to come.

Night night Blogpeeps, have a great weekend J


6 thoughts on “Unsupported and disconnected

  1. Oh optie I feel your frustration deeply my friend. Mine did not have business complications. I hope your son J can help you get to the bottom of it if it is not solved.
    Excellent post, I love your sense of humor. oh’s party sounded like it was all you hoped for him. I am so glad for you both.

    Its good to know it was someone squatting on your blog, that you laid the law of opties law down Good girl!

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