A week I don’t want to repeat

Hello Blogpeeps

Thank God it’s Friday, this has been a truly testing week. I finally got my domain sorted 15 days after first requesting a small change which the ISP understood as a license to experiment with settings to the extent that I was unable to communicate with my clients.

The annual luncheon that I arrange for my major client was on Wednesday. The venue got it so wrong in spite of this being the 10th year that we have had the function there. The service was dismal, the food appalling in quality and quantity and the presentation left a lot to be desired. It was not for lack of staff, there were plenty but they seemed to lack direction and be incapable of being proactive. They milled around uselessly while the food at the buffet ran out and their only response was “its coming”. I must confess that as the organiser of the function I lost it with them a numbe of times.

Don’t even get me started on the “VIP guests” who accept and then don’t bother to pitch leaving the main table with four empty chairs …  If it was up to me they would never get another invite ever!


Back at the office I wrote a detailed letter to the functions coordinator listing my concerns with the food and the service to which I am yet to receive a response. I have determined not to settle the bill until I am afforded the courtesy of a response containing an apology.



On a happier note its the weekend, we don’t have too much planned but will enjoy the timeout all the more for that. Next week is OH’s last week of work before his retirement and we enter a new stage of life.

Have a great weekend Blogpeeps


7 thoughts on “A week I don’t want to repeat

  1. I once organised a very upmarket function in a very smart restaurant. When I went to enquire as to the whereabouts of the food, the chef chased me with a huge and bloody knife! Have a great weekend.

  2. Sounds like an awful week and I agree – no payment until you at least get a response to your email. What terrible service, not to even respond.
    That prayer looks like it’s designed for my Dad. I think I’ll have to make a copy for him – he’d simply love it!

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