I am sailing …

Tomorrow is OH’s last working day before he retires. Yesterday the whole company was called together and told that there were to be massive retrenchments and restructuring. This is a company that was taken over by an international company that is on a mission to buy and takeover other companies, wiping out the competition and firing people.  What a lovely Christmas these folk are going to have not knowing where they stand job wise. OH must have been the only one to leave that meeting feeling relieved that he is no longer going to have to deal with all the crap that goes on. At the moment he is probably the most envied person in the company.


Meanwhile I have had some disturbing news about possible restructuring by my major client which could seriously affect my business. If the proposals go ahead my situation will become untenable and will most likely hasten early retirement for me. This might not be a bad thing because we have made plans for five years hence when I was due to retire and we can bring those plans forward although financially we won’t be quite as strong but quality of life is more important to us.  We might even be able to take on a new venture and generate an income to supplement our retirement. I am not stressing about this, what will be, will be.  One door closes and another opens. As long as we have each other and our health we will be happy.


This could be my last blog post for a while because we leave on Monday for our cruise and the weekend is already packed with chores and stuff that we need to do. The weather in Cape Town is terrible at present and the port is windbound, hope it eases up by Monday.  A friend’s son is going to house and dog sit for Ozzy and Milo and hopefully they will behave themselves.  Milo has been on a mission lately to destroy our irrigation system and OH has had to effect repairs every evening when he gets home from work.  This is on top of me giving them filled hooves to try and keep Milo out of trouble when I have been out for an extended period.  He keeps going back to the same spots and I am trying to convince OH to smear wasabi paste on the piping there – am I being cruel or do you think it would be a good deterrent?


So take care bloggers, don’t shop till you drop while I am gone, will catch you on the other side of our cruise.


18 thoughts on “I am sailing …

  1. Hope the weather was kind to you. We have had rain everyday for the last month and it’s becoming very tiring. Been there with retrenchments and all that goes with it. Hopefully it wont come your way.

  2. Enjoy the holiday! You are so right in saying what must be will be and if one door closes, another one opens! I am sure everything will work out as it should! Luckily the wind stopped a bit!

  3. Having retired 12 years ago I sympathise with you both. There are always adjustments to be made because we never know how long the money must last. I have been very lucky when selling my houses through life, but we have had to make adjustments to our outgoing expenses. Enjoy your trip and will look forward to hearing about it. All the best Leo

  4. Oh is retiring not a moment too soon, it seems. Congratulations to him. Have a wonderfully relaxing cruise. Wishing you calm seas and fair winds. Wasabi is quite hectic, but it might just teach Milo a lesson he needs to learn. Don’t tell him I said so. 🙂

    • Thank’s footsy, you have just reminded me to pack the cameras! A filled hoof is a cow’s hoof that has been stuffed with dried minced biltong like stuff. The trick is for the dogs to work out how best to clean it out and it normally keeps them busy for quite a while.

    • You have no idea, pussycat, the staff are so unhappy at present, actually have been for a while but the latest news of retrenchments has really brought them to a new low.

    • Thanks for that tip, I remember they hate the menthol smell of things like Deep Heat so will give it a try, plus it
      it’s water resistant so won’t rinse off easily

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