More holiday news

A very old friend of OH and I came to stay for a few days. In fact it was he who introduced us to each other so we owe him a huge debt of gratitude. His wife (second) stayed on with her aged Dad up the Garden Route for a few more days and only joined us for one night before they had to fly back to the UK again.

It was a real pleasure to have B with us although he did not spend all his time with us as being a Capetonian by birth he had other people to see as well we did enjoy some real quality time with him. Sadly his wife is what I call an EGR (Extra Grace Required). I know she means well but she is hard work and needs to be in control and controlling what goes on around her. When they visit together B does not get a say in how they spend their time, every minute of his day is pre-organised for him before they even arrive in SA so it was nice to see him relaxed and doing his own thing for a change.

This past Saturday OH, B and I took a drive out to Big Bay at Blouberg as he had not seen it in its redeveloped form. It was the most perfect of days, not a breath of wind so no fine sand blowing around. I have never seen Blouberg looking so beautiful. We sat at a cafe at Big Bay having drinks and pizza enjoying the view of Table Mountain looking majestic across the bay.

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The remains of the Turkish bulk carrier, Seli 1 that ran aground along the Cape coast in 2009

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The lawns at Big Bay were full of people enjoying the wonderful weather and there were plenty of surfers in the water too.

We had organised at very short notice a reunion for that evening with friends from our old neighbourhood where we were all young parents together some 34 years ago. They came armed with family photos of children and grandchildren, B had all his pics on his iPad and ours were at hand too. They arrived at 6.00 pm and eventually left after 1.00 am – it’s difficult to catch up on 34 years on one go J. I found myself thinking it a good thing that B’s wife was not there as she would have really struggled not knowing any of our shared history and would probably have tried to sabotage the evening in some way. I don’t mean to make her sound like some sort of witch but I think she is very insecure in herself, worse than usual having been made redundant in the UK for the third time in 10 years. Unlike some insecure people who will just try and become invisible she will try and draw attention to herself even if it means being difficult or bit of a spoilsport.

OH and I were very glad that we only had to endure one evening with her and feel very sorry for our friend having to put up with her 24/7. I felt like I really had to make an effort to keep the conversation going over dinner that night as the easy relaxed atmosphere of the past 5 days had just evaporated and everyone was tense in case something upset her.

In other news OH’s retirement did not last for long. He has been roped in to help L our DIL with her fledgling business and is enjoying the new challenge although his “To Do” list at home remains sadly unattended to.


15 thoughts on “More holiday news

  1. Seems like a lovely time, except for when the insecure control freak put a damper on things! Lovely pictures. I have yet to visit a Cape Town beach in really nice weather *sigh*.

    • It was great catching up again with old friends. Col you must visit the Cape in February or March when the Southeaster has blown itself out and always go to the beach early in the day or late afternoon if its a really good day – that’s when our beaches are at their best.

  2. It`s a few years since I have been back to Cape Town. The mountain still looks great but i wasn`t very happy with my old neighbourhood, it`s all high fences and razorback wire. I prefer the beaches in Hermanus as there are lots of interesting rock pools and the fishing is better than here.

  3. That beach looks wonderful. It’s very nice to be able to catch up with old friends, in peace!
    Men do not retire well, so it’s probably a good thing OH busy again.

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