Unexpected (and unwelcome) visitors

We are currently at our holiday home and my internet is a bit patchy plus I have to conserve my data bundle for the more important business of paid work so that is why I have not been very active on the blogs lately.

But I thought I would share with you all the surprise we got in the early hours of the morning last week when Milo barked, two short sharp barks. His bed is in our bedroom on my side and I flipped on my torch to see what his problem was.  Imagine my shock when the pool of torchlight illuminated this unwelcome presence:



Apologies for the blurry photo, I don’t think my hands were capable of being steady at that moment. Milo was still in his bed not two feet away from the snake keeping a beady eye on it. I told OH that there was a snake and he sprung out of bed, put his slippers on and grabbed a mop (without the mop head) and placed it on the snakes body just below it’s head. Meanwhile I called Milo onto the bed to keep him safe.  Ozzy was asleep in the lounge completely unaware of the drama in the next room. At that stage we had no idea what kind of snake we were dealing with. I fetched an old ice bucket and OH guided the snake into ice bucket and put the lid on.

We then tried to get back to sleep but I read for a very long time, unwilling to put the light out.  The following day consultation with locals identified the snake as a common house snake, not venomous but still capable of a painful bite. It was however just short of a metre in length!

That evening after watching some television we got up to go to bed and as OH went into the bedroom he found another snake, same brand, but much smaller. At this stage enough was enough and the second unwelcome visitor was summarily despatched to snake heaven if such a place exists.  We have been told that they are usually in pairs so we probably slept with them both in the bedroom for a night or two which gives me the “grills”:  Now we check under the bed and behind the curtains daily just in case.

I concede that we are on their territory and outside I am prepared to live and let live as long as we and the dogs are not in any danger but when they venture inside they are on my turf and most unwelcome.

We are so proud of Milo who is just 8 months old now for raising the alarm and not trying to take the snake on. Must be his street smart ancestry keeping him safe!

Have a good week blogpeeps, I will try and pop by and visit you all in due course.


17 thoughts on “Unexpected (and unwelcome) visitors

    • I surprised myself Cocoa and OH too. I did not think I would be so calm but my biggest fear was not to panic the dogs into wanting to take it on as at that stage we had not identified it yet. Thanks for popping by.

    • In the 13 years we have been coming to this house this is the first instance of finding a snake indoors and it has been a big wake-up call to be more vigilant.

    • 13 years ago I probably would have packed up and gone home but I have learned to adapt to and respect the bush around us but inside the house is a no-go area for snakes as far as I am concerned.

  1. A natural reaction, but one can actually learn to value having them about the place – even with pets they usually manage to be unobtrusive. The fact he ventured forth maybe means you have something you would much rather not have than the snakes – and the somethings are now having a party in celebration.

    • I know they have their place in the eco system and we do have lots of field mice around our property but as far as I know none of them are inside. I don’t go and crawl around in the bush or lift up rocks because I respect their territory. Inside the house is my territory. I am quite prepared to live and let live as long as they stay outside. The first visitor has been released back into the bush and hopefully that’s where he will stay.

      • Yoo-hoo – ‘house snake’. They are called that because that is where they like to be, and where they are the most useful. Anyway, when he returns he’ll probably be extra careful not to be seen.

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