I am shattered, have learnt from by email that the “offer” made to me of a 20% reduction in fee has been rejected by the board. They are sticking to the 60% cut they originally proposed.

Just as I was coming to terms with our reduced budget and how we are going to survive going forward the rug has been whipped out from under my feet again.

I am sick with worry, 20% was manageable, 60% is just not doable. My costs are not going to reduce, I will still have to carry the operating costs and replace equipment if it fails. After expenses and tax I might as well just go and stand on a street corner and beg, from what I have read lately I might be a lot better off.


16 thoughts on “Shattered

  1. The best thing is not to look at what you have lost, but what you still have. i`m lucky because for the last 10 years I just used interest as an income. If anything else comes along, to me it is a bonus. This has saved me a lot of worrying about other incomes. 🙂

  2. Walking away with grace might be your best option…I cannot see doing the work at a loss is an option, who will be benefiting? I am so sorry that you are going through this but maybe it is time to rethink plans….keep us updated, we worry about you two….

  3. It seems the only thing left for you to do now is stop being conciliatory and to tell them to take a running jump. You have nothing to lose – what is the use of carrying on at a loss? Then hope hard reality will set in when they either can’t find anyone else to do it, or whoever they get to do it at their price makes an utter muckup of it. Tell them that not only are you pulling out, but that your 20% reduction offer is also withdrawn.
    Is it the sort of area where it will soon become apparent that they are in the moo-poo, or will that take time to emerge?

    • The problem is Col the people who are being so full of you know what are situated up north and are very much at a remove of the consequences here in the Cape and all they are interested in is accumulating money that they have done nothing to earn. I am so close to telling them to take a hike. I have emailed my financial advisor to get an updated picture of our finances. If I am going to be impoverished I don’t want it to be because I am subsidising an organisation that is already sitting on shed load of money and delivering very little value.

  4. So not fair. Footsy above has put it well, it might be painful right now but I also really hope that you find solutions and make best of these changes. Keep faith, Optie the storm will pass.

  5. You Will find a solution Optie. Security is something we all strive for and, in fact, doesn’t exist. Too many variables. Over the years I have come to believe that we all have a life plan. a path we must follow. Every now and then we receive a nudge, (sometimes a good hard smack), sending us in a different direction. Very painful. I hope in retrospect you will be able look back and see the big picture and have reason to be grateful. Strength to you.

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