And it gets worse

Just when I thought things could not get any worse, they have …

After learning on Saturday that the board has rejected the agreement reached with their CEO, two people have come out in support of me and one of them has been subjected to a rather threatening backlash as a result. I am appalled at what is happening and more and more I am thinking that the time has come to walk away from the unprofessional and unethical behaviour that is becoming more and more evident.

And then whilst reading that unpleasant exchange I received an email from my daughter informing me that her relationship has broken up and she is now a single mother.  She has shared a lot more with me than she has in a very long time but it is too painful for me to repeat. My heart aches for her and our granddaughter and with our current financial situation I can’t even think of going to visit her. OH does not know this yet because he is out and I am dreading having to tell him. I am afraid for both of us health wise right now.  I don’t know how much more stress I can take.

At the beginning of the year I sent out the following greeting “Happy New Year to all our friends and family. We know not what the year will bring and for the first time I am not wishing for it to be better than last year because every year has its own disappointments, challenges and pleasant surprises. My prayer for us all is that God will grant us the strength and grace to rise to any challenge or upset that may come our way. May you all experience God’s hand and blessing on your lives in 2013.” Here we are just into the third month of the year, I am going to have to keep reminding myself of this prayer


13 thoughts on “And it gets worse

  1. I am sad to hear things are so difficult optie. I know the hopes and dreams you had. Its so good to hear that it is you your daughter turned to you even though it is over such a mixed bag of emotions.
    We have talked before about how hard difficult is to let them live their lives. I do worry about you optie and OH. I hope things have become better since you posted since I am so missing in action lately.

    I hope this award to you will brighten you day, Accept how you wish, there are no “rules” in my awards, they can be added or not.
    Congrats optie an do take care friend ~

    The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. See my link below.

  2. I wish there would be a wholesale feeling of outrage and support, resulting in a vote of no confidence in that board and firing the lot of them.
    With your daughter, perhaps it is a positive thing for the long run. When a relationship is wrong, the sooner it breaks up the better.

    • Some of them have been sitting on that board achieving nothing and patting themselves on the back for years.

      Yes it definitely sounds like my daughter’s relationship was not a healthy one – I’m just sad that it took this to get her to confide in me again. We are back to the daily emails that I missed for almost 4 years.

  3. Stress makes you ill and panic makes you do stupid things. Calm down, I still believe that something good will come out of nowhere and make things better.

  4. So sorry to read of all your woes, optie. Thanks goodness you have re-established communications with your daughter and she feels she can confide in you. Hope everything works out well for her and you too. Hugs to you and OH.

  5. Oh, oh dear, what more can I say…,so sorry that all is happening at the same time…..just keep us updated…..the one good thing is that your daughter is being open with you about what is going on in her life…

  6. Sorry, I clicked like by habit. It really isn’t appropriate. My prayers remain with you and, now, with your daughter as well. I know it doesn’t help but I do understand what you are going through. Hubby’s son has been terribly ill and in hospital in the UK and we have no means of getting over there either. So frustrating.

    • Thanks Long Life, its one thing being separated by distance but when you are also separated by the availability of funds it makes times like this so much harder to bear.

    • That’s true footsy but it is still not the ideal way to raise a child and like every parent I just want the best for her and for her and my grandaughter to be happy.

  7. I’m sorry to hear all this, optie.
    I wish I had the ways and means to give you some words of encouragement. Platitudes like: these things are sent to try us, just won’t do.
    Be strong. xxxxx

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