Are we living in a state of anarchy?

These are the main stories on News 24 today. What depressing reading they make. What does it say about our beautiful country? And how long before we are a completely failed nation? No respect for life, private property, authority, education and a corrupt government run by criminals and fraudsters.

When I read headlines like this I don’t even want to read any further. I just wish I lived somewhere else.

Girl’s attackers ‘drank her blood’

30 minutes ago

The family of a murdered West Rand schoolgirl have told of their horror at hearing that her killers had drunk blood from her body after stabbing her.


28 arrested for hijacking building

30 minutes ago

A group of 28 people who ignored a court order instructing them to leave a building in Jeppestown have been arrested, the Hawks say.


33 arrested for illegal mining

2013-03-06 07:41

The Hawks say 33 men have been arrested for illegal mining at Sibanye Gold Mine on the West Rand after being discovered underground by mine security guards.


Man jailed for hijacking, killing woman

2013-03-06 07:41

A man has been sentenced to life imprisonment after he used a young girl to stop a motorist, whom he then hijacked, robbed and murdered, Eastern Cape police say.


Teen appears for murder of classmate

2013-03-05 20:55

A 15-year-old girl accused of fatally stabbing another teen has appeared in the Randfontein Magistrate’s Court.


5 provinces on textbook shame list

2013-03-05 20:54

Limpopo is not the only province with shortages of textbooks and stationery in schools, the department of basic education has told Parliament.


ACDP: Teacher assault immoral

2013-03-05 22:27

The reported assaults on a Western Cape school teacher were “immoral behaviour”, the ACDP says.


MEC, 5 co-accused get bail in murder case

2013-03-05 22:28

A North West MEC and 5 other suspects accused of murdering ANC official Obuti Chika have been granted bail in the Klerksdorp Magistrate’s Court.



10 thoughts on “Are we living in a state of anarchy?

  1. I have just caught on your recent posts. What an awful time you are having. SA is indeed a very stressful place to live, add to that the financial situation and your concern for your daughter.

    The Boxers and I send you every good wish for easier times ahead x.

    • And yesterday a 4 month old sleeping baby was pepper sprayed in his mothers arms in an armed robbery in Durban! What type of animal can do that to a defenceless baby, they also pepper sprayed the dog and held a gun to the mother’s head whilst they made off with R250 000 worth of goods. The death penalty would be too good for these excuses for human beings!

  2. We’re getting to the stage, or are we there already, when we say “another day in SA” and forget about it.
    What irks me, though, is the often racist comments that follow after the stories.

    • Agreed pussycat, we are still a very polarized society. One gets used to shocking stories in the news but to see so many horrendous headlines on one page on the same day was quite alarming.

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