Extrovert vs Introvert

I identify so closely with these definitions of an introvert. It’s not that I don’t like people, I just prefer them in small doses! I don’t like my personal space invaded too often for too long. I don’t enjoy spending time with shallow people who have nothing interesting to say or people who are just out to impress.

What category do you fall into? Can we define ourselves that simply? My guess is that most of us are a combination of the two with a tendency to lean more towards one than the other.

Extrovert vs introvert


18 thoughts on “Extrovert vs Introvert

  1. This chart is terribly wrong with literally the falsest and most malicious version of a “definition” of “extrovert” I’ve ever seen. Needing human interaction and enjoying reading are not mutually exclusive, for one. I hope you’ll inform yourself from reputable sources in the future.

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    • Hi AD Kind of you to enquire, I am OK, not great though, seeing the doctor on Thursday. But apart from that I have been busy and not had a whole lot to say. Every day I think I am going to find time for a post and then before I know it the day is done.

    • I think that’s true of me too Long Life, although I have never thought of myself as an extrovert, spending time with people you like is always a pleasure.

  3. Mostly introvert although I have done some mad things in life that have made me stand out as extrovert. i think we are all a mixture of these definitions depending on the environment or situation.

  4. I was an extrovert my entire life. Somewhere in the past ten years, I became an introvert. Not online, but definitely in my personal life. I prefer being home with little to no social interaction. Hmmm … I wonder what that means?

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