Milo loses his nuts

Today was the day that Milo lost his nuts. All went well and the patient is recovering at my feet in front of the heater as I type.


We were so impressed with Milo this morning when we dropped him off at DARG for the sterilisation procedure. There were a lot of other dogs and cats being booked in at the same time and all the big dogs were stressed, barking and whining with their tails between their legs. Maybe they knew something Milo did not … because he was as cool as a cucumber, tail up and wagging, greeting the other dogs in a friendly way but not hyped up either.


In an amazing coincidence one of his brothers was also getting the chop today and it was great to see the two together after nine months. Milo’s brother is taller than him but still looks a lot like him.


We went off to have breakfast and then spent the morning enjoying walking around in Hout Bay before collecting a very sleepy Milo just before 2 pm. Since he’s been home he has slept most of the time, had an early supper and straightened up his walking so he’s not all over the place like a “dronkie” anymore.


We have to keep him calm for three days and that could be quite a challenge as he and Ozzy love playing together, might have to keep them separate when we are not able to supervise. Ozzy was very excited to have Milo back home again but seems to understand that Milo needs peace and quiet and is lying quietly next to him under my desk.


The dedication and passion that the folk at DARG have for dogs and cats is admirable. Every dog or cat is seen as an individual, known by name and given a good chance of finding a new forever home. The t-shirt one of the staff was wearing this morning said it all “Rescued is my favourite breed”.


11 thoughts on “Milo loses his nuts

  1. A good thing to have done! Unfortunately, or fortunately that will not happen to Cholmondely. He is a far to well bred dog and would sire some really good St Bernards!

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