Long time, no post

Hello Blogland


Well it’s been a while since I blogged. I have been dealing with a few issues that have overtaxed my brain and resulted in me not being in a very good space.


I consulted my GP and got some new medication but have had to stop it because of the side effects (the story of my life) so I’m back to square one in that regard. I have also been having panic attacks and have some medication for that too. After months of uncertainty regarding my work environment I am all wrung out and mentally and physically exhausted.


Last week I was presented with a service provider agreement that was so badly thrown together and retrospectively dated that I refused to sign it. I was then asked to redraft it which I have done but now I have concerns about who has contractual authority to sign on behalf of the client and need to resolve this without making myself more of a pariah than I already am in some quarters.


Last week was very busy with meetings every day and not much time for office admin so there is a lot to catch up on this week. Also last week a very dear neighbour of ours passed away after a long battle with cancer. The funeral is tomorrow afternoon. This led me to question again if I should be sticking with this client and my current work or if it’s time to follow our dream and sell up and move to the country before it’s too late.


The exhaustion really caught up with me by Friday and after a full day we had tickets for the theatre. I could easily have stayed at home but having heard good things about the show we went along. It was Don’t Dress for Dinner at the Theatre on the Bay and it was good but I would have enjoyed it more had I not been so very, very tired.


Before the show we decided to have some pasta at Primi in Camps Bay, never again! The pasta that we have enjoyed at other branches did not taste the same but most annoying were the staff. It seemed like we could not go more than three minutes without someone coming to the table to ask how we were doing, it was beyond irritating. We had ordered a flat bread as a starter but did not finish it so asked for it to be put in a takeaway box. When the bill was presented to us we asked where our takeaway was and we were asked who we gave it to? Given the fact that about 6 different people came and went from our table I had no clue and told the waiter that and that the only person who had not come to ask how we were enjoying our meal was the car guard outside. Eventually our takeaway was “found” but minus a chunk so clearly someone else had designs on it.


We had such lovely weather this past weekend but all I did was watch TV, read and sleep. I wish I had had more energy to get out and enjoy the sunshine but my battery was well and truly flat.




17 thoughts on “Long time, no post

  1. Don`t stress it`s not worth it, you will be the only one that it will affect. Just give them the finger like before, and let them worry. I used to think I was getting more tolerant, but have since found out with age, I just don`t give a dam anymore. 🙂

  2. So sorry that you’re going through such a stressful time, optie. It sounds really debilitating. I also hate it when waiters can’t leave you in peace to eat your meal. The opposite end of the stick is, that when you do want them for something, they’re nowhere to be seen. 😦 Hope you’re feeling much better soon.

  3. Oh, heaven, what a lot to cope with for you. The panic attacks are just due to all the stress you’re having. A life in the country must seem like a pipe-dream to you right now, but I hope it comes true eventually. Holding thumbs that all the problems will go away soon.

    • Thanks Pussycat, three months of unending stress has definitely taken its toll. It’s difficult to enjoy your work when you have so much uncertainty hanging over you.

  4. I’m so sorry you are going through all of this. I know it doesn’t help but I have been in the same situation and at least I understand what it does both emotionally and physically. I’m surprised we haven’t got to see your old gravatar again. I’m sure you are feeling much like what it depicted. I truly do wish you all the best. Hang in there. Strength for tomorrow – funerals are the hardest thing to have to attend. Amazed at Primis. I’ve had great meals at them but never gone to the Camps Bay one. At least I know where not to go if I’m down there again.

    • LOL I had not thought about resurrecting my old gravatar but I don’t even have the energy to give anyone the finger at the moment. Because of our recent budget constraints we don’t eat out much at all and I really did not appreciate the constant interruptions at Primi. Service should be attentive but never that intrusive that you are actually tempted to tell them to B OFF!

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