This is Africa

Africa and especially South Africa is a land of contradictions. One foot in the first world and the other still stuck firmly in the third it does lend itself to finding the funny in unexpected places.

Boneless bananas

And innovation, we no longer have to deal with those pesky little bones in our bananas, being a Banana Republic does realign priorities πŸ™‚

Store closed

African logic from the Meneja himself!

Money where has it been

Crime is so bad in Africa that people carry their money in their underpants!

World Trade Centre

And some traders suffer from delusions of grandeur Mugabi style

Operating hours

Trading hours Africa time, for the non-South Africans it reads:

Times: 9 till fed up although “gatvol” is a much baser more descriptive word.


Kak restuarant


Not the best choice of name for a restaurant, wonder how popular they are?




The internet is everywhere – Β cyber cafe township style!


Eliminating darkness


There’s that innovation again – remember we gave the world Mark Shuttleworth!


Out of order


Translating directly from Afrikaans to English can convey a completely different message.




Cutting edge skills are widely available




And finally one for my hometown, it’s not called “Slaapstad” for nothing.

Slaapstad is a play on the Afrikaans name for Cape Town – Kaapstad and means sleeping city.


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