Just a little paranoid

So the draft service provider agreement I prepared basically got accepted except for one very crucial section. And that is not in the spirit of what was conveyed to me verbally in the meeting so right now I am very confused.


Confused about who I am meant to be negotiating with because that has changed

Confused about why something that has always been very simply handled now has to become over complicated and impractical

Confused about whether they actually want to retain my services considering how I have been treated

Confused that my call to the person I am supposed to be dealing with has not been returned.

And most of all confused and just a touch pissed off that they contacted another client of mine to find out how I was billing and being paid.


Is that enough to be paranoid about?


Is the writing on the wall and I am just too blind to see it?


Just wondering …


12 thoughts on “Just a little paranoid

  1. I think this working relationship could be at crossroads. I just experienced an almost identical situation with a client out of Africa. I have told them to “Go Away”. Good luck!!!

  2. It seems to be a terribly bad basis for a working relationship. Despite how badly you may need this contract, there seems a possibility you may end up worse off under the new setup than you would have been had you told them to get lost – but in a less polite way. Removal of crucial bits does not auger well, and throwing toys out of the cot only after being locked into something which turns out unacceptable will be a bit late? Maybe a toy-throwing session needs consideration.

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