Sorry I can’t get the video to load here, please click on the link above.

I’m no fan of Justin Bieber but this parody on the Gupta scandal is so topical and clever.

I suppose it’s only a matter of time before Nando’s capitalises on the story too.

For overseas bloggers the Guptas are a very rich and influencial family with links too close for comfort to our state president and the ruling party. They landed their private jets at a military airbase, with or without permission – that still needs to be established, and drove their guests in a flashing blue light motorcade to a wedding at a well known gambling resort where some of the guests allegedly misbehaved and they were waited on by mainly “white” staff by arrangement.

I am still catching up on the story so apologies to any bloggers who are better informed if I have got some of the story wrong.


3 thoughts on “Guptagate

  1. It’s a new SA scandal to take our minds off other things, so others say. Anyway the whole saga points at only one person whose name starts with a Z. I hope the truth will come out.

  2. I don’t know whether they actually were waited upon by “white” staff. They just insisted on wanting to be served by “white” staff. There is a little difference.

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