Not in a good space

Hello Bloggers

I don’t really have anything to blog about. My mind is still occupied with the uncertainty of my work situation and the incompetent and plainly disrespectful way it has been handled.

I have requested a meeting with the Chairman on Monday but have not had a response yet. He did not call me back last Friday after I left a message for him which I followed up with an email. I have heard nothing more even though he replied to the email and said he would get back to me. This state of affairs just cannot continue and I intend to turn up the heat because I have been patient long enough.

If it were possible to walk away without seriously damaging our financial security I would do so in a heartbeat. I am starting to think that our retirement/downscaling plans will need to be brought forward but I hoping that that I can hold on to the end of next year. There are things that we want to do and accomplish before selling up and moving to the country and there are contingency plans that are not yet in place that would give us a greater degree of security when we make the move.

When I am stressed as I am now I tend to withdraw from life, I don’t find it easy to go out and be sociable. I am so afraid of spending any money that is not strictly necessary that we are not doing the things we would normally do. Add to that severe pain from out of control IBS and sleep deprivation. Last weekend I did not leave the house at all.  I realise that my world has shrunk, hence not having anything of interest to blog about.

I feel responsible for messing up OH’s retirement, this is not the life he expected after retirement, it’s not what we had planned.

Sorry for the negative post but I’m so not in a good space right now.


14 thoughts on “Not in a good space

  1. If you can’t vent here, then where can you. I do feel deeply sorry for you and wish this work situation would sort itself out. You cannot, however, blame yourself for messing up the retirement plans. This was hardly something you were expecting. Sending lots of love, hugs, kitty purrs and doggy snuggles (will also send lottery earnings as soon as I’ve managed to win it)

    • Thanks for all the love, hugs, kitty purrs and doggy snuggles, awaiting the lottery earnings now 🙂 I know that what has happened is not my fault but I am by nature a control freak and this situation is completely out of my control, unless I walk away and that I cannot afford to do.

  2. The utter lack of courtesy and consideration is intolerable. Can you really continue to be polite to these people – when they are trading ruthlessly on the knowledge that you need them?
    Easy for me to say, but I keep wondering if you shouldn’t slam that door very violently, and maybe find that the ‘bang!’ opens another?

  3. Just know that you are not alone in this and things will work out as it should. Thinking of you and sending lots of hugs. 🙂

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