My Dog, the Paradox

This post is for all the dog lovers in Blogland.

My Dog the Paradox


My Dog the Paradox2


My Dog the Paradox3


My Dog the Paradox4


My Dog the Paradox5


My Dog the Paradox6


My Dog the Paradox7


Have a good weekend everyone!


9 thoughts on “My Dog, the Paradox

  1. It seems most dogs carry on this way. Happy birthday to Milo. My dog ” Lucky ” died many years ago but I still remember him. He was the centre of our life for many years and was an Alpha dog as size meant nothing to him. We have never got another dog as we can not keep pets where we are now. I think we would find it difficult to adjust to another pet as he did insist on 100% attention.

    • We are celebrating Milo’s first birthday on Sunday, son and DIL coming for roast leg of lamb. Milo will get the bone after we are done. Apart from digging up the garden he is doing great.

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