Celebrating Milo’s 1st Birthday

Birthday Boy 2

The Birthday Boy

Very belated update – I got my meeting with the Chairman and resolved some issues relating to my billing but some important ones still remain unresolved. I am still not going to sign anything until I am happy that I have negotiated the best possible outcome from a bad situation.

In another meeting during last week it became apparent to me that locally there is a great deal of unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the head office and their performance which is well below what is expected of them.

So I will bide my time and if and when another door opens I might well decide to close this one, but I am not so stressed anymore. At the end of the day what goes around comes around …

Last week was back-to-back meetings, some of them quite heated so I did not get an opportunity to blog at all.  Also my internet connection is so damn slow at the moment that it takes all my time and patience to do what has to be done work wise and blogging does not get much of a look-in.  I don’t know if the problem is with my router that has to be rebooted on average about 4 times per day or with my computer which loses the wireless connection for no reason and has to be rebooted as well. The problem is that while waiting for something to load I start doing something else and then clean forget to go back and finish what I was trying to do originally.

We had a lovely day yesterday with our son and DIL celebrating Milo’s first birthday. Both dogs got chew treats while we enjoyed a delicious roast lamb lunch and then we sat outside in the sun and watched Ozzy and Milo have some fun with a new toy from son and DIL.

That's my treat

That’s my treat Dad!

Birthday Boy

Gotta keep my ball safe while I enjoy my treat

Interesting new toy

This strange ball is very difficult to get my teeth into but very easy on my jowls!


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