Dogs, cows, pigs and sheep

I am so behind with my blogging, and I am trying to catch up with your posts, comment and get also do a post of my own, so here goes.


This is the view we are waking up to at the moment (when the sun shines that is)

We are at our holiday house, came up on Monday and enjoyed a gorgeous drive through the Overberg countryside. We drove in bright sunshine in spite of waking up to heavy rain that morning. The newly planted fields are lush green and picture perfect.

Tuesday was a stunning day although we had very heavy mist to start off with it quickly warmed up.


I am working from here and have to keep a check on my data bundle so that I don’t end up having to pay extra.  It does not help that the connection is very slow and OH and I cannot both access it at the same time otherwise we will both become dizzy watching spinning circles trying to load sites.

OH replaced the corroded LNB on the satellite dish but we still cannot get DSTV reception. We spent about 45 minutes on the phone with DSTV Customer Service and another 30 minutes with our son to no avail.  Fortunately I can still view the recorded programmes on the PVR if I unplug the cable from the dish and there is a lot to watch, but no Sky News which is tough for OH.

Ozzy and Milo absolutely love it here, they have more space to run around and of course enjoy our company 24/7. Here they are in their new matching beds catching some sun on the verandah.


And here they are again in each other’s beds. This is becoming a real problem. We bought them both new beds because Milo was always in Ozzy’s bed and we put it down to Milo having outgrown his puppy bed. But he still gets into Ozzy’s bed and Ozzy has now started taking over Milo’s much smaller bed.


Unfortunately after a glorious start to the day the weather appears to be changing and we hear that we are in for two days rain. If all goes well we plan to stay here until next Sunday which gives OH lots of time for DIY and maintenance which is ongoing.

It is so peaceful here out of season, the most noise we hear is from the birds. I hope to photograph some of them but my skill as a photographer is not that good or perhaps it’s my lack of patience.

Being unable to get online yesterday to post this it is now Saturday and the cold front has made its arrival known – it is cold (11 deg) and windy. The rain did not come yesterday as predicted so I am glad that we made the most of yesterday’s sunshine and got out on the boat for a trip up the river. This time of year it is very quiet as there are very few permanent residents. The lack of wind meant the water was like glass mirroring the reflection of the houses and hills in almost perfect clarity. I don’t understand why people think that this is not a good time of year to be here, in my view it is the best. Mostly warm days and no wind make for a very pleasant climate. The chilly nights are easily taken care of with a log fire, but hey for now it’s our secret – OK!


Reflections and perfect peace on the river


Ozzy and Milo take everything in while on the boat


Yesterday afternoon we went to visit friends on a farm nearby. They have just had a baby and I spent an hour or so cradling and feeding a 5 week old baby girl who is absolutely gorgeous. We had a bit of a walk around the farm and visited the milking shed and the pigs and piglets. Farming is such hard and intensive work, I have great respect for those that chose this way of life, there are definitely easier ways to make money.


This mommy pig was very protective of her piglets and shoed them away so I could not take photos of the cute little things.


And lastly there were the baby lambs


That’s all from me for now, I will try and do another post but it will depend very much on how much of my data bundle remains. Doing this post took the best part of an hour as the connection is very slow.

For those bloggers in the Western Cape please keep warm and dry this wintery weekend.


15 thoughts on “Dogs, cows, pigs and sheep

  1. Well done getting a post out at all. Those photographs are just amazing and the place looks so beautiful. Litchi would go nuts there. She’d be in her absolute element. How funny that the dogs swapped beds. Litchi is currently lying in one of the cat beds, which is about 3 times too small for her. Must be a dog thing

  2. Great blog, I loved the photo`s. The dogs look very content, maybe it`s because they don`t have to worry about DSTV. 🙂 I live in Hermanus for 9 years and only moved to Plett a couple of years ago. It was nice and peaceful there and plenty of places to go. We haven`t had the bad weather here yet but it is much cooler with a little rain this morning.

    • Yes Col, this truly is a piece of paradise on earth especially when you have it all to yourself. That’s when you can really appreciate the bird life.The day before we even had a seal or dolphin catching fish in the river in front of the house which is nearly 30 kms from the mouth!

  3. What a lovely, peaceful place to have a break away from the rat race! The dogs look as if they enjoy it, too. I love farm animals but wouldn’t make a good farmer’s wife in spite of that.

    • Yes we are very fortunate to have this little bit of paradise. Although we do share it with other couples we are at the age and stage of life that allows us to spend more time here than they can. We make up for that by taking care of most of the maintenance issues. As much as I love the country and the idea of farm life the flies would drive me insane.

  4. Stunning photos, Optie. I really had a laugh at your two doggies playing musical beds. Ozzy looks really incongruous in Milo’s small one. 🙂 I also have a great respect for people who choose farming as a livelihood, especially in this country. Enjoy your stay at the holiday house. xx

    • Thanks AD, the dogs know they are not supposed to be in each other’s beds but try it on anyway. I think Milo is hoping to have a cuddle up with Ozzy but he’s not that keen on sharing his bed.

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