Irritating Edgars – Grrrrrrrrr ……


Yesterday afternoon 2.40 pm while I was busy in the office my mobile rang, a Johannesburg no. appeared on my screen and I answered. A lady, whose first language was not English wanted to know how I was. I asked who was calling and she said she was calling on behalf of Edgars and could she take a few minutes to tell me about some special offer. I said no, it is not a good time as I am busy.

At 4.21 pm she started calling again, by them I was busy in the kitchen so I did not answer but responded with a text saying that I was busy. Between then and 5.31 she called again 5 times, each time I responded with a text saying that I was busy except for the last call because by then my patience has run its course and I just cut the call then blocked all further calls from that number. She might have called again and again yesterday but at least I was not being bothered.

This morning at 8.45 am the calls started again but from a different Johannesburg number. At that point Ozzy, Milo and I were having our all important bonding session so I cut the call.Ā  I assume that she then called my office and home lines in quick succession none of which I answered.

At 10.46 she called again, I answered and told her that I was not interested in whatever it is she is trying to sell me and to please stop calling me.


Does Edgars really condone harassing their customers to this extent? This experience has put me off Edgars even more, their shops have nothing I want to buy, there is never anyone to assist you, should you find something you might like you have to stand in a forever queue to try it on and then another forever queue to pay for it. Their customer service SUCKS!


Not going back to Edgars ā€“ EVER!


10 thoughts on “Irritating Edgars – Grrrrrrrrr ……

  1. It’s ridiculous that they’re not trained to know that continual calls equal a little thing called *harassment* and no one likes that. I guess they think they can “bully you” into giving them what they want. Several years ago we went to a concert at the Met in New York and after that, we started getting endless phone calls and mailings to become patrons. Even after I said no, they kept calling at least four times a week. Not as bad as your experience, but still annoying. We’ve gone to many smaller venues and they’ve never done that. I finally told the person that we’re never EVER going back to the Met because of these harassing calls. She was dumbfounded and guess what – they never called again and the mailings stopped coming too. Unfortunately, even though I know they’re just doing their job, sometimes you have to get tough.

  2. It could be a scam. My mom was an Edgars customer for 40 years. We feel the same way. The quality of their clothes has gone downhill. They pass you personal info on to 3rd party databases who hound you trying to get you to take personal loans etc.

  3. I really dislike unsolicited calls from people I don’t want to hear from. SMS’s aren’t too bad, because they don’t take up my time, and I can just delete them. I wonder what it is they want to give you: šŸ˜€

  4. I spent one of the most appalling mornings of my life (just arrived in the UK ) learning the hard way that I cannot sell. As a result I am always kind to poor benighted telesales people, and sometimes even buy, much to their astonishment. One way to get rid of them is act like you want to tell them your life history (and it is going to take all day). They will cut you short and never call again.

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