How do you handle Bullsh!t?

How do you handle Bullsh1t?  What do you do, if anything, when a good friend is clearly spewing what can only be described as BS?  (Even if he may have begun to believe his own BS)


Do you:

(a)          listen politely,

(b)          change the subject,

(c)           switch off and start thinking about the book waiting for you at home or

(d)          call him out on it?

I was in just such a situation this past weekend and it made me very uncomfortable. I have known this person for a long time and I just did not know how to handle it. In the event I just went quiet and left the conversation to the others present who might well have been entertaining the same thoughts as I was.

This is not the first time this has happened, in fact it seems to be happening more frequently and OH and I have both remarked that we find it difficult to believe anything he says anymore. Rather than sever a longstanding friendship with many mutual friends we have started to politely turn down some invitations because neither of us are enjoying his company much anymore.  This is terribly sad because at one stage he and his wife were amongst of our closest friends.

There is so much that is just not adding up. What is being put out there is obviously a distortion of the truth and it puts us in a difficult position.  We hear all these grand stories about what he had done in the past and what he is planning for the future yet he has nothing to show for it in the present.

I just wish our friendship could go back to where it used to be, where we had no reason to doubt what we were told and could just enjoy one another’s company without having to filter everything through a BS detector.


4 thoughts on “How do you handle Bullsh!t?

  1. Same old, same old, the Yanks will never change. But can anyone believe them after last time , when all the wanted was oil. Everywhere they go, they leave it worse than it was

  2. I have been through something similar with a friend. It became so bad I did not believe almost everything. Eventually I just walked away from the whole relationship.

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